Razor Dirt Quad Four-Wheeler for Kids Review

Kids and teenagers, boys and girls and even adults will be enthused with a new kids’ ATV Razor Dirt Quad which is a battery powered electric ride on vehicle specially designed for kids. The Razor Company introduces the next 24V powered unit in the line of battery-powered off-road vehicles for kids. We have reviewed this popular Razor Dirt Quad ATV for kids and explored all the advantages and downsides of the 24V powered kids’ quad in terms of performance and safety.

Technical Performance Of the Vehicle:

Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four Wheeled Off Road Vehicle

  • Recommended for age 8 and older;
  • Maximum weight capacity: 120 lbs;
  • Plastic fairings of extreme shatter resistance mounted on tube steel frame;
  • Droop travel rare suspension for excellent terrain tracing;
  • Adjustable twist grip hand throttle handlebars;
  • Padded seat, hand operated rear brakes, front brush guard for extreme safety and comfort;
  • Large rubber knobby tires instead of the plastic ones in other ATVs of this kind;
  • Vertical storage option for better space saving;
  • Splash proof and weather resistant;
  • Dimensions of the vehicle: 43″ x 24″ x 31.5″;
  • Vehicle weight: 89 lbs.

This fantastic battery-run 24V powered Dirt Quad ATV for kids from Razor will become the favorite entertainment for both kids and adults, boys and girls. Given a larger size and the look of a true motorized adult vehicle this mini quad will give the children the experience their Moms and Dads have riding a quad. The Razor Company engineers have designed the Dirt Quad ATV with authentic frame geometry to provide young riders the engaging thrill of mastering the terrain developing 10mph with this battery-powered quad. Due to the high-torque drive and on-board torque reducer, the Dirt Quad ATV for kids gives unexpected impressive off-road and excellent climbing performance. The 24V battery empowers up to 60 minutes of exciting off-road driving experience with a fully charged battery, however many customers report longer battery poweron a single charge.

Moms’ and Dads’ Interests: Going Green and Saving Costs

These Razor ATVs for kids and teenagers are the best choice as the vehicles are ecologically friendly. Besides, these will not be just leisure for a kid but will develop imagination, creativity, logic and space orientation. The unit turns out to be family budget friendly as well, as it does not need any additional fuel to move and entertain your kids and thus will not drain additional costs forked out for an hour of kids’ outdoor leisure. One of these Razor Ride On ATVs will be a perfect choice for a Christmas or birthday present. More and more parents give preference to this unit. You can find this vehicle on Amazon. But before you start hunting the vehicle we offer you a comprehensive list of pros and cons of this top-selling sporty and fun battery-run ATV.

Top Features Enhancing the Razor Dirt Kids’ Quad ATV Experience

Razor dirt quad kids atv

13-inch rubber knobby tires put on the Dirt kids’ ATV provide excellent terrain adherence and premium control and ease of terrain mastering – pure pleasure! Additional features include a rear carry handle and capability for vertical storage which will improve the use and storage of the vehicle.

Unlike other vehicles of this kind, the Razor four-wheeler is equipped with real rubber tires. Plastic wheels put on other ATVs competing in the market segment of kids’ quads riding models are pale by comparison to these 13-inch rubber ones.

It should be noted that this Dirt Quad Four-Wheeled ATV from Razor Company has gained the best user feedback and reviews and won several awards among which are the Sports Illustrated for Kids and Family Choice.


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Advantages of This Kids’ Four-Wheeler:

  • Extreme durability and safety of the unit
  • Original innovative quad geometry, advanced suspension and gearing ratio improves the riding experience
  • The vehicle will provide pure fun of dirt terrain mastering for boys and girls, kids and teenagers as well as adults
  • Best feedbacks and reviews, rewards and recommendation from leading experts in the field
  • Going green with the vehicle unlike gas operated competitors
  • Exclusive vertical storage option for saving even more space
  • Simple and easy ordering from Amazon with fast delivery right to your doorstep.

Down Sides:

  • None indicated
  • Kids commonly stop the vehicle rather unwillingly to be engaged in any other activity!

If this electric ATV is not enough for you, think about the gas-powered ATV for kids.

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