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Youth ATV Helmets Buyer’s Guide: 5 Best ATV Helmets for Kids

We understand how important it is to find quality riding equipment, especially a helmet. If you’re looking for a detailed helmet guide, this article reveals all the bolts and whistles. Along with youth ATV helmets review, we will show where you can buy it at the most affordable price.

Check out this updated review, where we tested 42 kids and youth helmets suitable for ATV and dirt bike riding. We do revel in the Razor Full Face Youth Helmet, which is a blast. Classy, sleek design and enhanced protection, what a win-win.

Razor Full Face Youth Helmet – Very Lightweight Helmet

  • Inner thick padded lining design that enhances convenience and better protection.
  • It comes with snap buckles that are easy to adjust, so your kid can easily put it on and off.
  • The visor is adjustable to improve comfort if you ride on sunny days.
  • It’s extremely sturdy but super light as well, which is a great feature for kids.

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When choosing a 4-wheeler or dirt bike for your child, never forget about protective gear. Head protection should be a top priority when it comes to kid’s safety. No doubt, ATVing is fun, and no matter if you are a kid or an adult. But you should watch your child attentively when they are driving.

A sturdy kids ATV helmet could reduce the risk of getting severe injuries. Thus, it makes sense to consider investing in solid protection just to be safe.

ATV Helmets for Kids Comparison

Editor's Choice
Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

  • Full-face design
  • 1 pound
  • CPSC-Certified
Check Price
A wide range of colors
WOW Kids Dirt Bike Helmet

WOW Kids Dirt Bike Helmet

  • Three available sizes
  • 3.5 pounds
  • DOT-Certified
Check Price
2ILM Youth ATV Helmet

ILM Youth ATV Helmet

  • Seven available sizes
  • 3.95 pounds
  • DOT-Certified
Check Price
4Hard Head Helmets DOT Helmet

Hard Head Helmets DOT Helmet

  • Four available sizes
  • 2.75 pounds
  • DOT-Certified
Check Price
Best Lightweight Helmet
Typhoon Helmets Offroad Gear Helmet

Typhoon Helmets Offroad Gear Helmet

  • One size available
  • 1.3 pounds
  • DOT-Certified
Check Price

5 Best Youth ATV Helmets Review

We took five leading ATV helmets for children and teens who are fond of off-road riding. Wearing one of these garments could make your little rider feel more confident on the roads. Let’s check them out!

1. Razor Full Face Helmet – Lightweight Youth ATV Helmet

You might have already known the Razor brand as it’s popular among ATV and BMX riders. The Full-Face Youth Helmet features an improved ventilation system – 17 vents. It also has extra padding to keep the perfect snug fit on your child’s head. This affects the rider’s overall comfort immensely. The gear comes with an adjustable visor, straps, and an extra-wide viewport. Thus, your kid has full visibility even with safety goggles.

Helmet Features

  • The most lightweight on the list. It weighs only 1 pound.
  • It is recommended for kids as young as eight years old.
  • Complies with CPSC standards.
  • The gear has a full-face design. This provides maximum protection for your kid’s entire head.

The gear has a classy black design that fits both girls and boys. The gear is also streamlined with a glossy finish that looks out of this world. The helmet is greatly vented, which is a significant plus. So children are able to enjoy the ride in all weather conditions for a long.


If you’re searching for a lightweight helmet with visor protection, the Razor Full Face Helmet is a fascinating choice. It only weighs 1.8 pounds and has 17 vents for improved airflow. It’s awesome for kids as young as eight years old.


  • Extra pads for security
  • Adjustable strap and visor
  • Enhanced ventilation


  • Not for driving fast
  • Padding may come out

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2. WOW Dirt Bike Helmet – Easy-to-Fix Protective Helmet for Kids

The WOW Dirt Bike Helmet is perfect for those who enjoy being in the spotlight. The product has a wide range of style options for both girls and boys. The helmet looks spellbinding with its glossy, UV protective finish that shines in the sun. Mind that the gear is DOT-approved, which means it matches all the necessary safety requirements. It’s extremely sturdy with a durable, aerodynamic, thermoplastic alloy shell.

Helmet Features

  • The gear comes with removable and washable padding.
  • It is heavily cushioned with a comfortable interior that your kid will love.
  • The helmet has an emergency release buckle for easier adjustment.
  • There are air vents at the front, two vents on the top, and two at the bottom back.
  • There is also plenty of space for goggles for extra protection.

The WOW brand produces this DOT-approved dirt bike helmet in three sizes: Small (19.3-19.7 inches), Medium (20.1-20.5 inches), and Large (20.9/21.3 inches). So there’s a choice to choose the ideal garment for children and youth. A huge array of colors is available, so everybody will notice your brand-new apparel for sure.


The WOW Dirt Bike Helmet is a top-class variant for ATV and dirt bike riders. The good weighs 3.5 pounds, which might be a bit heavy for little kids. As for older children and teens, that will be the perfect match. In addition, it’s easy to put on and off using a kid-friendly strap. The detachable padding makes it easy to wash.


  • DOT Certified
  • UV finish
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Sleek and snug shell


  • Heavy for a little child
  • Ventilation should be improved

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3. ILM Youth ATV Helmet – Classy-Designed Gear

The ILM Youth ATV Helmet is an outstanding combo of style and comfort. The garment is made with ABS material. It is rather solid and lightweight, so your kids will feel comfy during the ride. Additionally, the gear is profoundly customizable, which is a plus. Particularly when it comes to kids as they tend to grow up fast.

ATV Helmet Features

  • Thick padding is quite convenient and effective. It helps to wick away sweat in warm weather.
  • It has extra ventilation that will make your child feel comfy while riding.
  • The removable and washable liner is easy to handle.
  • The gear comes with a durable composite shell. It will definitely protect your child’s head while also being lightweight.
  • It has a removable visor, so you can detach it when you don’t need it.

The ILM helmet features a decent air cool ventilation system as well as shock absorption. This makes it an excellent choice to ride in various weather conditions. The inner padding is detachable, so you can remove it in no time and wash it easily.

ILM offers the ATV helmet in seven different sizes, so you can pick the ideal helmet for the entire family. Adult sizes are also available. Apart from sizes, the garment has three vivid color styles, which is a blast. The gear weighs 3.95 pounds, which is optimal.


Overall, the ILM Youth ATV Helmet is marvelous apparel for beginner riders. It matches all the safety needs required for off-road adventures. It’s claimed as a DOT-certified helmet that comes in a variety of colors and sizes that may suit riders of different ages. The gear is duly vented for convenient use in any season.


  • DOT-Certified
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Made from a durable ABS shell
  • Plenty of ventilation


  • Thin padding on the top
  • Poor chin strap

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4. Hard Head Helmets DOT Helmet – Good-Quality and a Wide Variety

Hard Head Helmets produces stylish and catchy youth ATV helmets that meet all DOT standards. The garment is the ideal choice for those parents who crave a quality off-road helmet. As it features a tremendous style for a reasonable price. Children are obsessed with the Heart Head’s fantastic look, which is available in 15 amazing colors and patterns.

Key Features

  • The padding can be removed for washing and cleaning.
  • The helmet size is greatly cushioned for a comfortable fit.
  • This atv helmet is pretty lightweight. It weighs only 2 pounds, so it’s suitable for younger kids as well.
  • The good works with full-sized goggles.
  • The chinstrap is easy to adjust.

The Hard Head Helmet comes in three different sizes: Small (19.2/19.7 inches), Medium (20.1/20.5 inches), and Large (20.9/21.2 inches). Apart from that, you can choose the ideal headgear for your child from 15 color styles. It comes with enough space to place your goggles.


If you’re looking for a chic and budget-friendly ATV helmet for children or teens, the Hard Head Helmets will come in handy. It’s quite lightweight, as the product weighs only 2 pounds, which is a benefit. Thus, the garment is perfect for kids who are about 5-6 years old and above.


  • Measures true to size
  • Affordable good
  • Loads of colors patterns
  • Great for kids and teens


  • Some products have no visor
  • Can easily be scratched

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5. Typhoon Helmets Offroad Gear Helmet – Great Youth Protective Kit

Typhoon Helmets offer not only a helmet but the entire protective set. In order to meet the needs of rookie ATV riders, it comes with goggles and gloves, apart from the helmet. It’s not the heaviest option as the headgear weighs under 3 pounds. Hence, it shouldn’t apply too much pressure on your kid’s shoulders and neck. In spite of the lightweight design, the good still provides decent protection for your young rider.

Key Helmet Features

  • The helmet has internal airflow for cooling during hot weather.
  • It comes with a removable and washable liner, which keeps your kid comfortable.
  • The gear is made with an aerodynamic sculpted lightweight shell.
  • It includes a panoramic eye port for better vision. Even if there are safety goggles at the same time, so your kid always has full vision.
  • The garment is made with durable and dense padding with EPS-energy absorbing inner shell.
  • It has side traction plates. They help to keep your child’s goggles in place while riding.
  • The helmet comes with a standard chin-strap with D-ring closure and a strap keeper.

The Typhoon brand makes this DOT-Certified helmet in two sizes: Small (18-19 inches) and Medium (19-20 inches). It weighs 2.75 pounds, which is a plus. The Typhoon Helmet comes in a fancy design with its poison green color that will blow your mind. Parents love its outer jaw-dropping look and removable inner padding.


Therefore, the Typhoon Helmets designed a decent helmet that is made with EPS-energy absorbing inlining. It’s a durable product with an interior ventilation system suitable for hot weather. There’s also enough room to put on safety goggles as well.


  • Weighs 2.7 pounds
  • Adjustable visor
  • Interior airflow and rear exhaust vent
  • DOT-Certified
  • Lightweight shell


  • Poor inner padding
  • Helmet size is ok, but gloves aren’t true to size sometimes

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Youth ATV Helmet Buyer’s Guide (for Parents)

Choosing the ideal ATV helmet for children requires some time to make the right decision. You should bear in mind a range of crucial peculiarities such as the price, safety features, helmet size, proper fitting, and style.

First of all, we strongly recommend not to purchase a used helmet. The reason is that it might have been already damaged, and if so, the headgear won’t protect your kid as it should.

The inner foam is suitable until it’s solid. And if the lining gets a severe hit, you have to purchase another product. Any kind of serious damage to the outer shell also means your helmet is useless.

Acceptable Speed Range

One of the paramount factors when selecting the perfect youth ATV helmet is the speed range your child is going to ride their vehicle. The headgear needs to match the speed your child is driving. The faster they ride, the more protection should be presented in the helmet.

Helmet Proper Fit

A solid helmet plays into the rider’s hands only if it fits duly. The last thing you need is a wobbling helmet that slips off your kid’s head when they’re on a seat. No matter what helmet you’re about to purchase, the gear should be fitted accurately.

To find the perfect ATV helmet size and fit of the desired helmet, try measuring one inch above your kid’s eyebrows and around the widest part of their head. The headgear needs to fit snuggly and not wiggle too much.

Some parents tend to buy a bigger helmet, so there’s plenty of room to grow up. That’s a great benefit as well as a money saver. However, that’s not the best option in terms of safety. Don’t put a helmet on your child’s head, which is too loose, as it might badly affect their safety. A wobbling helmet does nothing useful, even vice versa, it could distract the rider and bring discomfort.

Having said that, make sure that the helmet doesn’t pinch or hurt your kid as well. It might be extremely uncomfortable for a kid wearing tight headgear. In addition, it’s not recommended to wear a ponytail when choosing a helmet, but some children do so.


Visibility plays a great role in safety, particularly when it comes to children’s ATVing. Your kid’s helmet needs to improve its own visibility in terms of how well other drivers are able to see your child on an ATV. But the little rider needs a decent vision when a helmet is on.

Have you ever seen how some horses tend to have blinkers that limit their extended part of the sight? No doubt, you don’t want a headgear for your kid that does the same thing. The helmet should have excellent peripheral vision, so your kid can notice incoming dangers immediately.

In addition, some models of kids and youth helmets don’t come in a full-face design. That means that you need to order some safety goggles as well. This will help avoid dirt and debris getting into your child’s eyes.

ATV Helmet Durability

With no shadow of a doubt, durability is the upmost feature when picking the right helmet for your kid. Because the headgear has to handle any blunt force as well as regular wear. Neither should compromise your kid’s safety.

In fact, materials play a crucial role in terms of durability. Lots of modern helmets for children are made from heavy-duty plastic material with foam lining between the pads. That’s a great combination to add more safety while riding a wheeler. If you’re looking for high quality kids headgear, you may also be interested in a fiberglass helmet or a carbon fiber one. However, heavy-duty plastic works fine, and it is the optimal option in most cases.

Standards of Safety 

If you’re looking for a solid headgear, it’s better to choose a tested one. Thus, look for DOT-certified helmets, which stands for the United States Department of Transportation. DOT sets high standards for ATV and bike helmets so the customers can be sure that the product is quality and durable.

You can also look for ECE Certification and Snell Certification that are grasped as trusted certifications as well. If the gear meets these two standards, it might fit DOT as well.

ATV Helmets Style

When it comes to kids’ entertainment, children crave something catchy and brand new. Thus, you should also take this peculiarity into account as well. Children want a trendy helmet to brag about it with their friends. The youth enjoy fancy printings to be at the forefront.

Youth ATV Helmets Price

Buying a firm helmet may cost a good deal of money. There are dozens of pricey youth ATV helmets on the market, providing various features. Some models which are made for ATV professionals might cost up to several hundred dollars.

However, we found decent and budget-friendly options, suitable for both rookie and pro riders. So you’re able to pick the very one that fits your budget.

kid wearing ATV helmet riding 4 wheeler in winter

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose the Right Youth ATV Helmet Size?

The youth ATV helmet needs to fit properly. That means don’t purchase a helmet with lots of free room to grow up. The headgear should sit snugly, even if you need to change the garment over time.

So do NOT pick a bigger size and in order to let your child grow into it. Until it fits wobbly, your kid is wearing a helmet that doesn’t fit them. This can bring more discomfort if the good slips off all the time.

The process of determining the size is as easy as pie. You just need fabric tape to take some measurements. Start by measuring around the widest part of your kid’s head. It is an inch above your child’s ears and eyebrows. And that’s it!

Now you have to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and match your results with their helmet sizes. Keep in mind that various brands provide their customers with different sizing info. If the headgear you’re checking is DOT-certified, it has probably similar measurements to the rest of DOT-certified helmets. But of course, it’s better to double-check the size info.

In addition, most modern manufacturers provide an option of swapping the helmet if the size is wrong. Hence, you don’t need to worry if you purchase the product online.

How to Make My Kid Wear a Helmet?

Some children don’t like wearing a helmet as they found it bulky and heavy. So parents may find it difficult to get their children to wear protective gear.

To tackle the problem, you can try picking out a few brands of helmets and let your kid decide on the color and style. Moreover, there’s a huge bunch of headgear with fancy prints and vivid colors, so your child will definitely find something to taste.

Alternatively, kids learn from their parents, so you could set an example by wearing a helmet first and showing that there’s nothing to worry about.

Does My Child Need Safety Goggles As Well?

If the helmet provides enough room, it’s better to wear safety goggles when children are riding an ATV. The age-appropriate goggles provide your kid with solid eye protection from any debris, dirt, and gravel. If your kid rides an ATV, there’s a risk of dust and rocks getting into your child’s eyes. It is unacceptable.

Check for proper sizing of the goggles to fit the child’s eyes duly. Some youth goggles can also fit into a kid-sized helmet without leaving gaps, so the dirt and dust don’t get in. Most brands provide a variety of riding goggles suitable for their helmets.

How Should I Maintain My Kid’s ATV Helmet?

You have to store the gear properly in order to keep it safe and solid for long. Avoid narrow places that can damage the helmet and leave scratches.

In addition, the headgear should be securely placed so that it can’t fall down. As it may cause external or internal damage, making it out of use.

Don’t leave the helmet just on the floor or outside because it increases the chance of breaking. Make sure that the place where you’re going to keep the helmet is safe, dry, and spacious.

There are padded helmet bags available on the market, as well as storage racks and hooks, and a cabinet. You don’t need to order all of them, but you may consider purchasing one of these options that fit your family and living place. You’re about to invest in a firm helmet, thus, storing it wisely is reasonable.

How Do I Take Care of My Child’s ATV Helmet?

As soon as your kid starts ATVing, be ready to wash their garment from dirt, mud, and sweat. The helmet is recommended to wash with warm, soapy water. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth that won’t scratch the shell.

Never use harsh cleaning products to helmets such as bleach. This is because they’re too abrasive, which can damage the protective layers or affect the shape. As a result, harsh chemicals could make the gear less efficient.

Most kids and youth helmets tend to have a removable and washable inner lining, which is a great plus. That’s why washing the helmet parts is a breeze.

Do NOT use a clothes dryer because it could mess up the helmet and its padding. It’s better to air dry the helmet’s components. Besides, make sure the pads have completely dried up before using them.

Little girl in ATV helmet riding four-wheeler

How to Choose the Best ATV Helmet for Kids and Youth

Kids Four-wheeler Youth ATV Helmet

Four-Wheeler Youth Helmets: Why Is It a Must-Have?

It goes without saying that if your kids want to take up riding a four-wheeler like an ATV or dirt bike, parents should provide solid protection. Especially when it comes to the first riding attempt, you should watch your child rides safely.

Riding a four-wheeler typically ends up with riding off-road. This implies a bumpy surface, various obstacles, and other extreme conditions. Besides, if your child goes wild on the road, you should protect the rider to the max. Sometimes you can’t predict sudden moves or wobbling, so you have to be totally prepared.

Better safe than sorry – this saying fits perfectly in terms of kids riding. Moreover, buying an ATV helmet is quite an affordable option, so it’s worth consideration anyway.

What Are the Main Types of Kids ATV Helmets?

Four-wheeler helmet for kidsIn fact, there are loads of options available for children and youth. The gear also varies according to different age ranges and types of vehicles. For instance, there are specific helmets for toddlers, kids aged five years old and above. As well as for the ones who are ready to ride fuel-powered ATVs and dirt bikes! It’s a common thing when such helmets come with matching gloves for a magnificent look.

Boys and girls are able to pick the perfect headgear with their favorite color, accent, and pattern. Thanks to the wide choice available both online and at retail stores.

As for the pricing, a helmet for toddlers generally costs about $15-$25. And full sets with complementing knee and elbow pads could add up to $10 or more. For the older four-wheeler riders, the helmets are more refined, but they are a bit pricey. Such gear ranges from $20 to $50, and the gloves with pads might be available as well.

Kid riding four ATV in Youth ATV helmetOne of the popular brands is Bell, which is well-known for its toddler helmets to ride little quads. The brand features a variety of headgear with versatile colors and designs for both boys and girls. The price of their helmets starts at $20.

Other popular brands, which produce helmets for toddlers and riders at the age of five and older, are Razor, Disney, and Schwinn. These manufacturers also offer another matching safety gear, which is a plus.

Speaking of more advanced riders aged from 8-12 years old, the ideal helmets should be considered from Typhoon. This brand offers various sets of awesome helmets and gloves.

To sum up, no matter what brand you’d like to pick, a helmet is a must-have for kids driving 4 wheelers. Besides, intense color apparel will make your little adventurer look stunning, hands down.

Final Thoughts on ATV Helmets

Thus, after testing five top-notch youth ATV helmets, you could find high quality and sturdy helmet for your little rider. Moreover, a wide range of colors and sizes gives you a chance to pick the most suitable option according to your kid’s taste.

We’ve selected the protective gear, which is DOT-certified. So you can choose a safe product for your child like our winner, the Razor Full Face Youth Helmet. This is the perfect choice approved by thousands of satisfied customers!

Jerry is a former motorcycle mechanic. He’s dedicated his life to nuts and bolts of two- and four-wheelers. Pottering around in the garage - that’s, Jerry claims, the best way to spend all evening long. Currently, Jerry Kidd is a consultant at CFMOTO dealer in Chicago, IL, that offers high-performance ATVs and UTVs. The company has been serving for more than 30 years to provide its customers of all ages with heavy-duty vehicles.

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