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ATVs, Go-Karts & Other Four-Wheelers for Kids Reviewed



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Why Do Children Love to Ride On All-Terrain Vehicles?

All-Terrain Vehicles also known as ATV (or four-wheelers, or quads), are something that people from any age can fall in love with. Imagine a vehicle that can be ridden everywhere; what more is needed to call it a “Dream Vehicle”? An ATV makes the journey fun and exciting for anyone riding it.

For those who are not sure what the big deal is with such a vehicle, it should be acknowledged that such vehicles are basically motorcycles with extra pairs of wheels, which makes them a safer ride to explore particularly uneven surfaces, like mud or sand. They are often customizable according to the rider’s requirements and type of riding level.

There are many types of kids four-wheelers and riding toys:

People who like to taste adventure on the go, use ATVs mostly. Thanks to mainstream action movies, and some sports solely dependent on this vehicle, every adventure-seeking soul would just give all it takes for a perfect ATV! Moreover, even kids can have their own All-Terrain Vehicles now, how amazing is that?

What is “Kids ATV?”

Surely the heavy-duty ATVs designed by top-notch companies used for actual all-terrain rides are something clearly not for children. But again, why should they be deprived of such a thrilling experience and sport, indeed, just because they are kids? The question has certainly been posted already, and now all the leading toy-making brands have their own line of ATVs exclusively designed and made so that kids can have that all-terrain experience! Of course, these mini ATVs are not made of all those parts used in ATVs for adults and experts, but even the child-safe construction can deliver as much fun as the other ATVs for big people provide!

Kids ATV can be one great way to encourage them in outdoor activities. In today’s world, children are becoming glued to gadgets and gizmos which totally deprive them of any physical activity. Allowing the kids to play and be engaged with such gadgets and other technological gaming products can seem to be a good idea to keep them busy and in front of your eyes. But they contain side-effects that may lead to even more serious issues. To grow up as a normal human being, children need to be encouraged and engaged in activities that involve both their body and mind.

The Benefits of Driving Kids ATV

Driving such ATVs will help kids develop their body control, reflexes and many other important issues to ensure perfect physiological development. The part of the absolute enjoyment is indeed a great bonus.

Most of the ATVs available for children today have 2-speed options, and these generally range from 2.5 to 5 mph. The kids can have a real all-terrain experience when they ride on these. The designs of such ATVs are developed to make these feel like something more than just a toy!

With their rugged tires, monster truck-like appearance and wide handles these vehicles provide an ultimate daredevil ride. Though such vehicles are meant to be one-seated, most ATVs for kids has enough room for two of them to fit in, making playtime a great time with friends! Other features include seatbelts for safe driving, cool accents, and graphics. Some also include auto brakes and accelerators and all of them run on high-performance rechargeable batteries.

Toy Four-Wheeler is a Great Gift for any Child

ATVs are certainly perfect gifts for children of 3 years and up for their birthdays and Christmas. A general ATV can bear about 130 lbs easily. Since an ATV for kids is made with just as much sophistication as the adult ones are, the vehicles turn out to be pretty durable no matter how roughly and regularly they have been used. So, a single purchase can last for years for your child and remain a playmate for him/her till he/she is too grown up for that. Plus, if you have younger children, one single ATV can remain in the family as a “traditional toy.”

Keeping the ATVs clean and new is easy as well, and there are services that offer re-painting and other ways to freshen things up. So buying an ATV for the kids can be a real investment with healthy paybacks.

There is no reason to consider an ATV as just another toy car or some other ride-on toy, but if you want to do this – your child will be grateful. Again, it also has to be remembered that ATVs are meant to be used off-road! Perfect for children who belong to the youngest age group to qualify as an ATV driver. Of course, they should always be monitored, not only for this but for almost every kind of play item and toy, until they know what these are and how to play with them properly.

4-Wheelers for Kids Above 6 years

For the ones who are big enough to know what they are doing, there is no supervision needed. Since children sometimes need to be inspired by outdoor activities, you should consider getting a kids ATV on the next big giving occasion instead of spending your money on the latest fully-loaded gaming gadget. Of course, it is your choice, but they are only kids once, so it is your duty to make sure that their childhood is more like a real childhood and not just a miniature version of presumed adulthood.

There are a number of brands available that are manufacturing quite commendable electric ATVs for kids these days. The most popular ones are Peg Perego, Razor, and Fisher-Price. The price range starts from $200 and can go up to $650, depending on the features and performance of the ATVs. It is a good idea to do a little research before just spending the money on any ATV out there. That’s why you are here.

Kids ATV Safety

No matter what type of kids ATV you choose, don’t forget to purchase safety gear like kids ATV helmets and knee and shoulder pads with the ATV. There is no reason to be worried – the kids’ ATVs are safer than bicycles or kick scooters. But since they are children, any sudden accidents may occur. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Such vehicles let children develop their motor skills, controlling ability and reflexes in a fun and exciting way.

So, investing in such an ATV and supervising the kids when they are on these can bring about great childhood memories for your children.

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