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5 Best Kick Scooters for Kids

Every child dreams about a scooter, so why not get the best one? Thus, we’ve tested 32 top-shelf kick scooters on the market and the Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter is the paramount choice, hands down. Let’s check out this classy and durable wheeler.


Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter – Solid and Durable Kick Scooter

  • The wheels are large enough. They can handle bumps and cracks with ease. You can ride on multiple different terrains.
  • Razor is a lightweight scooter. It is also durable because it’s aluminum-based that adds strength.
  • The deck is wide, around one foot long. So your child has plenty of room to put their foot.
  • Razor added a kickstand, so your child doesn’t need to drop the scooter on the ground.

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Whether there’s a special occasion or not, purchasing a brand-new scooter for kids is bingo. They are lightweight and simple to operate, the assembly is as easy as ABC. That’s why both children and parents are pleased to buy a scooter.

A range of scooters are so wide nowadays, so you can totally find the best match for your child. Various styles, colors, weight capacity, and extra features are provided by different manufacturers. Hence, we reviewed the top five superb kids scooters, so you’re able to keep your child entertained for long.

Top Kick Scooters Comparison

Smooth Ride
Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

  • Age range: 8+ Years Old
  • Weight capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Made with aluminum
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Removable Seat
Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

  • Age range: 2-8 Years Old
  • Weight capacity: 110 Pounds
  • Sit or scoot modes
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3Globber Primo 3 Wheel Scooter

Globber Primo 3 Wheel Scooter

  • Age range: 2-6 Years Old
  • Weight capacity: 110 Pounds
  • Includes steering lock button
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Best for Beginners
Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

  • Age range: 2-4 Years Old
  • Weight capacity: 50 Pounds
  • It comes with a wide base
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5Mongoose Expo Scooter

Mongoose Expo Scooter

  • Age range: 8-10 Years Old
  • Weight capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Big 12" tires
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5 Best Kick Scooters for Kids

1. Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter – Solid and Durable Kick Scooter

The Razor Brand produces reputable quality goods, and kick scooters are not an exception. The Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter is ideal for both girls and boys. The wheeler comes in a variety of colors for every taste. So you can choose one that makes your kid in the spotlight. The product also has a lightweight design, as the tube and deck are made with aircraft-grade aluminum.

Key Features:

  • The big wheels are 20mm in diameter, which is quite large. It also creates a smooth ride. These wheels make it easy to go over sidewalk cracks.
  • It has an easy to use folding mechanism for storage and portability.
  • This scooter is geared towards kids around eight years old and up. The weight capacity of 220 lbs.
  • The deck is large, able to hold up to an adult size 12 shoe! There is plenty of space for your child to stand on.
  • The handlebars can be adjusted to fit people from 46” tall up to adults. All you have to do is push a little button on the side to put it back down after fully extending the handlebars.
  • Razor added a large brake, but some people note that the brake makes a bit of noise.
  • It has a low standing height, so you don’t have to flex at the knees as much during pushing.
  • There is a built-in kickstand, which doesn’t interfere with riding. But makes it easier when you park your child’s scooter in the driveway or garage.

Mind the fact that the Razor A5 Lux might be oversized for most little children. The wheeler is good for kids aged 8 and older. If your child is under the required age, this option may not be the perfect one.


If you’re looking for a simple, budget-friendly kick scooter, the Razor A5 Lux is worth consideration. It has the quality that you crave and loads of styles that kids love. Great purchase for a reasonable price. In addition, the good has a decent weight load, so parents can try this scooter as well.


  • Affordable
  • Great quality
  • Lightweight design
  • Great for big kids
  • Large deck for stability


  • Large when folded
  • Noisy when braking

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2. Lascotta 2-in-1 Kick Scooter – Kids Scooter-Transformer

If you’re searching for a scooter for advanced riders with a bunch of stunning features, this wheeler is out of the world. The Lascotta 2-in-1 has outstanding peculiarities that make it stand at the forefront. The main one is that your kid can ride either standing or sitting. As the vehicle has a removable seat that makes it easier to operate. Apart from that, the sleek gliding wheels and low to the ground deck – there’s no doubt why the good is a top-notch choice among kick scooters.

Key Features:

  • It features a lean to steer design. It uses the child’s body weight to lean right or left. Your kid learns to lean into a turn, while still developing balance and coordination.
  • As your child scoots, the wheels turn and light up at the same time. The flash has a variety of colors.
  • For younger kids, there is a sitting mode which means your young kids can use it as a ride-along. Then you can remove the seat and use it as a scooter mode when your child is older.
  • The handlebar adjusts to four different heights. It can fit kids of different ages and heights.
  • The micro kickboard is low to the ground with gripping material covering it, and it’s extra-wide. Your child can fit both feet onto the deck with ease.
  • The scooter is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel parts. Thus it’s very durable and stands up to repeated abuse.
  • With the adjustable handles and removable seat, the Lascotta works from ages 2-8 years old with a weight capacity of 110 lbs.

If you ever tried the Lascotta’s scooter before, you might have been struggling with the seat. How hard it was to remove. But the brand-new product is highly updated and you can adjust the seat in a breeze. You don’t need extra tools anymore!


The Lascotta 2-in-1 Scooter is a fascinating option for both novice and expert riders. With the removable seat, this wheeler is appropriate for kids aged two years old. Soon after your child grows up, you can detach the seat. The weight capacity is 110 pounds, which is a plus. So the vehicle will last for several years with no probs.


  • Removable seat
  • Wide deck for stability
  • Durable aluminum design
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Lean-to-steer


  • Heavy – nearly 9lbs
  • Doesn’t fold up

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3. Globber Primo 3 Wheel Scooter – Great to Learn Balancing 

The Globber Primo comes in a wide array of vivid colors, so there is something for every taste. The scooter features a three-wheeled design, which is good as a training scooter. The Globber has a lock button that prevents steering, so your child can move only back and forth. That’s an awesome peculiarity if your kid has just started scooting. Once your rider becomes more confident and rides properly, then you can unlock the steering lock button.

Key Features:

  • The handlebars are adjustable – from 26.5 inches to 31 inches tall. It comes with a telescoping handlebar. The aluminum T-bar has either a matte or a chrome finish, with colorful TPR handlebar grips.
  • The lower deck is made from a steel plate, which adds extra stability. Globber is made of hi-impact PP with an anti-slip material that can withstand your child’s abuse. PP material is high-end and made to last for years.
  • It has large, front wheels that glide smoothly over hard surfaces. There are two 4.5″ wheels in the front and one in the back. They are made from high-rebound PU material and ABEC 5 bearings.
  • You can detach the handlebars for easy storage.
  • It’s ideal for kids aged 2-6 years old, weighing up to 110 pounds.
  • There is an extra-long rear brake for easy use.

The Globber Primo features jaw-dropping design, which children are obsessed with. Parents also like the good as it has a steering lock button, so your kid can ride safely. In addition, the vehicle comes with an adjustable T-bar that grows with your child.


If you want a three-wheeler that can help your kid learn how to ride, the Globber Primo may come in handy. The steering lock is a unique feature that allows your child to take up scooting duly. Moreover, the handlebars are rubberized for improved grip, which is a great plus.


  • Lock for steering bar
  • 110 pounds weight limit
  • Extra-long rear brake
  • Catchy color designs
  • Durable deck


  • Clip to adjust handlebars is sharp
  • Back wheel wears down the brakes

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4. Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter – First Move for Small Riders

The Radio Flyer Scooter is a stunning three-wheeler for little riders aged two years old. The vehicle is designed as a starting scooter for those who want to learn how to ride. Radio Flyer is a popular and trusted brand that offers trendy wheelers for kids. This good comes in a cute pink color with a wide deck, which is ideal for little children.

Key Features:

  • It has an extra-wide base that makes it easy for your toddler to maintain his balance while learning to ride. Then, it tapers backward to give your child room to kick and push.
  • The scooter is lightweight, so it won’t be too hard for your child to pick up and move around. It only weighs 4.85 lbs.
  • The weight capacity is 50 pounds, so it’s quite limited in how many kids can ride on this. It’s not designed for older kids.
  • This scooter is designed for safety with a wide-turning radius that prevents tip-overs. It helps to provide additional security without compromising mobility.

The Radio Flyer Scooter is called My 1st scooter for a good reason. This is a simple vehicle that is easy to operate, hence, it’s ideal for beginner riders. The weight capacity is only 50 pounds, so the good is suitable for little children.


If your child is ready for scooting, the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter is a good match. It features an extra-wide base and a three-wheel design. Such peculiarities make the product ideal for learning. In short words, the vehicle is claimed as an affordable, safe, balanced option for toddlers.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Extra-wide deck
  • Three-wheeled design
  • Easy rear braking system


  • Only for 2-4 years old
  • Low weight capacity
  • Quite slow

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5. Mongoose Expo Scooter – BMX Style Kick Scooter

If you’re a BMX fan, then you’re probably aware of the company Mongoose. Your older children will definitely enjoy the Mongoose Expo Scooter with 12” inflatable wheels.

At first sight, it may be easy to confuse the Expo Youth Scooter with a bike. The wheeler has a very similar look to a regular bicycle. However, pay attention that the product comes with a deck instead of pedals. Moreover, the features are quite different from the bike.

Key Features:

  • Scooter featuring front and rear brakes. The caliper hand brake offers confident speed control.
  • There are pneumatic tires, spoke rims, pegs, and a 360-degree brake rotor. The big wheels are 12” and air-inflated. This helps make it easier to glide over bumps, potholes, cracks, and other irregularities.
  • Mongoose added a wide deck which makes for a smooth ride.
  • It’s important to note that the weight capacity of this scooter is 220 lbs. Hence, the vehicle is suitable for kids who are 8-10 years old. With that weight capacity, most teenagers and some adults can ride it for sure.

The Expo Youth Scooter has a chic BMX design that is loved by lots of teens. It comes in a variety of catchy colors, suitable for both boys and girls. The weight capacity is impressive – 220 pounds – so it may fit children of different ages. Additionally, the handlebars can be adjusted for more comfort.


If your child is already a pro in scooting, you should probably consider investing in an advanced wheeler. The Mongoose Expo is the very one. It’s great for on- and off-road activities, which is a benefit. The product is a marvelous choice for children who are 8-10 years old. But with the high weight capacity, even teenagers can try this scooter.


  • Large wheels
  • Pegs for tricks
  • Great for off-road
  • Air-inflated thick tires


  • Hard for little kids
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Might be hard to assemble

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girls posing on scooters

Best Kick Scooter for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Various kick scooters have different features that might be crucial when choosing the good for your children. Depending on the age, height, level of riding skills, there’s a wide range of options. Let’s take a look at the nitty-gritty of picking the ideal kid’s scooter.

How Old Is My Child?

The most substantial aspect to bear in mind when choosing a wheeler is the age of your child. Some parents pick a brand-new scooter only based on the age of their kid.

Typically, toddlers and young children should start with three-wheeled scooters. Such vehicles are quite stable and don’t go too fast. They’re ideal being the first training scooter for rookie riders. Thus, three-wheelers are great for children 2-4 years old.

Kids who are five years old and older can try two-wheeled scooters. Most of them are adjustable, so they will grow with your buddy. And when your kid gains experience, you can switch to trick scooters. But make sure your child is quite confident and well-skilled at riding scooters.

Is My Child Skilled Enough? 

The next step is to consider how your kid is going to ride their scooter and how well they are skilled. It goes without saying that novice children have different riding from those who have got years of practice.

As we described before, scooters designed with three wheelers are for new little riders who are under the age of five years old. Switch to a two-wheeled design for children who are above five years old. When your kid masters his skills, you can search for trick scooters as a level up.

What is the Optimal Price?

In fact, the price tag may differ greatly. You may find products for as little as $30. Especially, if you’re looking for the starter scooter, it shouldn’t be too pricey.

Kick scooters ranging from $50 to $140 provide high-quality goods with improved materials. Such wheelers tend to have various extra features to fit different needs. In addition, most of them are quite adjustable, so they will serve your child for a couple of years. The mid-price category offers decent wheelers made from durable materials, so it’s better to check out this option.

What Type of Features Do I Need for My Scooter?

Now you know what the major demands of kick scooters are, you may also consider extra features for better comfort. Such features make one product differ from another one. So you’re able to find the ideal vehicle for your child according to their needs and willings.

First of all, scooters come in different color styles to match your kid’s taste. As every rider wants to stand out from the crowd and brag about a brand-new toy. Apart from that, there are dozens of peculiarities which you may also like: a seat, adjustable handlebars, steering lock button, and so forth. A wide array of options gives you an opportunity to pick the ideal wheeler for your lovely kid.

Is Scooter Easy to Assemble?

Various manufacturers provide different delivery services. Some of them offer kids kick scooters, which are ready to use just after unboxing. While others need to be put together first before usage. If it’s essential to you, read the delivery info before purchasing it. Some parents find it challenging to assemble the vehicle on their own, but they commonly have no trouble following the instructions.

Of course, it would be comfy if the wheeler is ready to go when it arrives. Though, such an option may be extra charged. However, what a relief if children may enjoy their brand new toy in no time, and parents don’t need to waste their time on the build.

sibling riding scooters in park


Some scooters tend to have a braking system, whereas other models don’t have brakes at all. The wheelers that are designed with a braking system come with a hand brake or a rear-wheel foot brake, or both. Both of these options are optimal, it’s just up to you which braking system is more suitable for your children.

For rookie riders, the rear fender brake system is more comfortable. As it’s easy to operate because all they need to do is to step on the rear fender. The fender pushes against the wheel, and the vehicle stops immediately.

Scooters have the same hand brakes as a regular bicycle. The brakes are attached to the handlebar of the scooter with the handgrips. When your kid clinches the handle, the vehicle brakes right away.


The steering process is easy when it comes to scooting. The majority of modern scooters have the common T-upright steering mechanism of handlebars to ride. Other models may have another system that allows the rider to steer right and left.

Most handlebars are adjustable, which is a great plus. It’s better to choose a wheeler with this feature as the good may serve for a few years. And you don’t need to update the vehicle too often. The adjustable mechanism is quite different in various brands. Some scooters come with a bar that locks and unlocks the desired height, while others have got a quick-release clip.

With the help of these clips, you unlatch it and adjust the height that you want. Then you place the clip back. Fast latches make adjusting the handlebar height easier as your kid grows.


If a scooter can fold up, it’s easier to transfer it from one place into another. So you’re able to take it on a trip and save lots of space. A folded wheeler is more convenient to bring to the park instead of toting it behind you. Having said that, some manufacturers don’t provide their customers with such a feature. So if it’s crucial to you, check the product’s description before purchasing.

Weight Range

Apart from the age range, it’s also necessary to check the weight limit of the product. There’s no standard weight range for kids’ kick scooters, it’s rather versatile. That’s why you should pay attention to this feature to make sure the wheeler fits your child. Lots of models have a decent weight capacity, so children of different ages are able to ride the same scooter if needed.

Well-Balanced Ride

In terms of safety, the ideal scooter should provide a smooth and stable ride. For instance, big polyurethane wheels allow your kid to overcome bumps and cracks on the way. The larger the wheels, the faster you may go.

In addition, a broad handlebar also adds more comfort and stability. When your kid keeps their hands apart, it helps with balancing. Moreover, a wide deck is a fascinating feature for beginners that provide more convenience.

The Deck

The deck is a wide part of a wheeler where your kid stands on when driving. The size of the deck may vary in different brands. For beginner riders, it’s better to pick a scooter with a wider deck to help them find the balance. That’s why scooters designed for little children tend to have a large deck.

On the contrary, a smaller kick board makes the vehicle lighter, so it’s easier to carry. However, the balance must be improved, so your child can feel confident while riding such a wheeler.

Some decks tend to have a tapered design. That means it’s wider at the front for balance but thinner at the back. Having a smaller width behind creates extra room for kicking when riding.

Additionally, make sure that there is some solid material on the deck for enhanced gripping. For instance, trick scooters are prone to having a harsh surface similar to that a skateboard has. It reduces the risk of the rider’s feet slipping off when riding the wheeler.

The Style

When it comes to entertainment, kids love getting trendy stuff. They want a chic toy that looks outstanding and brand-new. Thus, loads of kick scooters come in fancy designs in order to satisfy every little rider. The color palette is quite versatile, as well as printings. So children can have something catchy to show their friends.

kids racing each other

The Main Types of Kick Scooters for Children 

As we already mentioned, there are lots of different styles of kick scooters for kids. All of them are created to bring more fun and activities into a child’s pastime but in various ways. Let’s take a look at what the main types of kick scooters are in terms of their purpose.

This classification may help you choose which scooter you should pick for your little rider. No doubt, all of these types have their benefits in some way.

Three-Wheeled Scooters

If you have got toddlers or younger kids, a three-wheeled scooter is an ideal option to choose from. This is because a scooter with a three-wheeled design has a more solid deck where a child stands on. There are two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back, which enhances stability. If you’re looking for a kid’s first scooter, it’s highly recommended to check out this type of scooter. It will give your child the first experience of riding before switching to the two-wheeled design.

Three-wheeled scooters are also used to learn how to steer. Steering is the process of maneuvering the vehicle and how to turn it duly. So your kid should know how to control the handlebar properly while riding. This improves the child’s confidence as well as understanding directions.

Two-Wheeled Scooters

This is the most popular category for kids of different ages. As its name says, the vehicle features a two-wheeled design, one wheel from each side. This type is more suitable for children who already gained some skills, and they are aware of the balance basics.

Such wheelers are typically lighter than three-wheelers. Hence, they can reach a greater speed, so kids are able to move faster. Apart from that, two-wheelers can commonly stand more weight capacity, so it fits both children and teens, sometimes adults. Ideally, two-wheelers are ridden by kids aged 5-9 years old.

Pro Scooters

This type of scooter is usually called a trick scooter or stunt scooter. They’re designed as two-wheeled scooters, which are highly durable and quality. And obviously, such a vehicle is made for tricks or stunt scooters. The most distinctive feature is that trick scooters tend to have wider T-bar handlebars. Such peculiarity provides more stability when riding. You have to consider investing in a stunt scooter if your child is well-skilled and interested in taking up some tricks.

Off-Road Scooters 

Another style to consider is an off-road scooter. This type of wheeler is the most noticeable due to its chunky wheels with tick tires. Such a design lets your kid go over small obstacles. As well as drive over rough terrains such as grass and dirt with no probs. However, these scooters are not so common, and they are not suitable for doing stunts.

boy with scooter petting dog

The Benefits of Riding a Kick Scooter for Kids

In fact, riding a scooter is an awesome activity in terms of well-being. It not just entertains a child but also develops some skills. Learning how to ride a scooter may enhance a child’s development and bring fascinating outcomes.

Keeping Balance

Scooting is a great means to develop a kid’s sense of balance. This activity is an awesome training as it needs a child to balance on one leg while the other one kicks the wheeler. In addition, children learn how to stand upright on a limited board (the deck of a scooter) and not to get off the wheeler.

Apart from that, some models of basic kick scooters come with a steering lock feature. This option is great for beginner riders as the vehicle moves forward and backward only.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills Development

Developing gross and fine motor skills are crucial for little children. Improving such skills will positively affect your kid’s muscles. Thus, this helps your kid interact with different objects easily and more confidently.

As the entire body is involved in riding a kick scooter, this will master gross and fine motor skills immensely. As a result, your child will apply their abilities for everyday routine activities. Such as opening the door, lifting stuff, drawing, playing, and so forth.

Improving Coordination

Apart from motor skills improving, children are able to enhance their coordination when scooting. It’s trained through steering, kicking, balancing, and braking. Soon after, the kid makes more precise and smooth movements with every next ride.

Riding a three-wheeler will help introduce your kid with keeping coordination basics. As they grow up and master their skills, they may switch to two-wheelers. With a two-wheeler, there’s an opportunity to learn some tricks and ride off-road with obstacles.

Muscle Development

As it was mentioned before, different body parts are involved when scooting. So your kid has a great opportunity to strengthen their muscles.

When a child kicks the scooter, the lower body is engaged profoundly. And it’s imposed on every time they push harder and harder. When they stay upright on a wheeler, core and back muscles are working as well. When they clench the handlebar to steer, the lower body is on as well.

Therefore, riding a kick scooter is an outstanding exercise that trains muscles all over the body. That’s why kids can stay active and develop their physical activity on a regular basis.

Improving Confidence

Not only physical activities may be improved with the help of scooting but also mental. Generally, handling a kick scooter is something easy to learn. Thus, kids are able to learn something new in a short time and improve their confidence.

Children always crave for new adventurers, so learning how to ride a wheeler gives them a buzz. After gaining new skills, they feel excited and have something to share with their friends.

Additionally, as soon as they reach the goal, they might be willing to conquer new skills, which is a good motivation.

Gaining Riding Skills

A kick scooter is a tremendous vehicle for those kids who want to take up riding. As it is easy to handle, and it takes little time to learn how to ride it properly. So if your children want to ride a bicycle, they can start from a kick scooter. It’s pretty safe, and the speed is limited, so you don’t need to worry that your buddy will get over the limit.

No matter what kick scooter your kid is about to ride, make sure you took care of their safety. It’s recommended to consider investing in safety equipment as well, like a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. It goes for both novice and advanced riders of all ages.

Having Fun

Besides health benefits, riding a scooter is funny, no doubts. Such a vehicle is a great replacement for the screen time. Instead of being a couch potato, encourage your children to spend more time outdoors. And in this case, a kid’s kick scooter may come in handy.

As there are loads of options on the market, you can also choose a scooter for each family member. And conduct amazing outdoor activities like scooter racing. That would be a stunning bonding family-friendly pastime for all of you.

boy doing stunt with scooter

How to Choose the Best Kick Scooter for Different Age

Best Kick Scooters for Toddlers (Aged 2-4 Years Old)

Usually, kids are ready to scooting as soon as they are two years old. They are strong enough to stand upright and kick the wheeler. As well as learn how to keep balance and coordinate well.

Three-wheeler design is made for toddlers as a starting vehicle. So if your little buddy wants to try scooting, a three-wheeled scooter is the ideal option. It features two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back. Such a toy is quite lightweight. It has a T-shaped handlebar and a wide deck. So your child can feel comfy standing on the wheeler.

Besides, most of the three-wheelers are rather adjustable, so it can fit different kids. Moreover, the vehicle grows up together with your children, so you don’t need to repurchase the scooter for a long time.

Best Kick Scooters for Kids Aged 5-12 Years Old

As the age range is wide, there’s also a broad array of options on the market to match the kid’s age needed.

Generally, when a little rider feels comfy and confident riding a tree-wheeler, they need a level up. So it may be a high time to consider investing in a two-wheeled scooter. After your kid learns how to balance duly, steer, and brake, handling a two-wheeler will be a breeze.

Choosing the perfect scooter for your kids with different ages may be easier if you check the essential features of the vehicle. Commonly, the age range allowed to ride a particular scooter is linked to its weight capacity. The more weight the wheeler could stand, the older kid may use it.

Another option to consider is a stunt scooter or trick scooter. If your child is a well-experienced rider, you may purchase a two-wheeled pro scooter as the next step in riding. Such vehicles feature a wide T-shaped handlebar for a better grip and stability. They are extremely popular among older kids.

Alternatively, you can check electric scooters, which are typically suitable for children aged 6-12 years old. But again, this vehicle requires some experience in riding, so make sure your child will feel confident using it. Electric scooters feature a rechargeable battery and an electric motor. They are easier to handle, as the kid doesn’t need to push it. However, this is a more expensive option that needs more space to store.

If you’re looking for some unusual vehicle to surprise your child, you should check out a swing scooter. It’s not so popular, unlike a regular two-wheeler, but it has its stunning peculiarities as well. The toy has three wheels – one wheel at the front and two wheels at the back. The bottom part of the vehicle has a “V” shape; the rear wheels are split up on each end. The ride makes funny wobbling moves when operating the wheeler, which is outstanding.

boy in helmet making tricks with scooter

Best Kick Scooters for Teens

Speaking of children aged 13 and above, there’s a huge bunch of options you may choose from.

Pro scooters will be the optimal choice, as teens usually have already gained great experience of riding. With the help of a stunt scooter, they can learn how to do different tricks. So if your teen is into scooting, this wheeler is worth consideration.

Besides, electric scooters are a trendy choice for those who want to be in the spotlight. As they come with a variety of stunning features such as vivid color styles, LED displays, Bluetooth connections, and many others. Such vehicles tend to have a solid weight capacity, so adults may try an electric scooter as well. In addition, electric wheelers feature greater speed, so your kids could go for a spin.

Another type of wheelers that might be interesting for teens is an off-road scooter. As its name says, the vehicle is designed to be ridden on various terrains such as grass, dirt, and gravel. It features big wheels and thick tires in order to overcome low obstacles. The design is similar to the one that bikes have. But there’s a deck, which is typical for scooters. Keep in mind that such scooters are good for advanced riders, and they’re not suitable for stunt riding.

Alternatively, there’s another type of scooter, which is called caster scooters. They have an unconventional design with three wheels – two wheels at the back and one wheel at the front. Moreover, the two rear wheels are separated by the horizontal deck, where the rider stands on. Such a vehicle is designed to perform kick-outs, side drifts, spin-outs, and others. Many children enjoy having fun on this unusual scooter.

In short, keep in mind your child’s age, their riding skills, and preferences to pick the best kid’s scooter. A wide range on the market makes it possible to try different styles of riding for children of various ages. Parents can also join their kids and spend time together outdoors.

blue kick scooter with seat

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kick Scooters Safe for Kids?

If you’re about to purchase something for your lovely child, you want it to be extremely safe. That’s why this is a reasonable question. You can ask the same question about roller skates, skateboards, and bicycles.

Kick scooters are safer than some other wheelers such as roller skates or skateboards. The braking system is very easy to use, so everybody can handle it. Alternatively, in case of an emergency, a child can just place a foot on the ground to stop immediately.

In addition, kick scooters are not as fast as bikes. So parents don’t need to worry their kids go wild too much. Also, scooters are not allowed to be ridden on roads with cars, which is a plus in terms of safety.

What Are Some Safety Equipment My Child Needs to Ride a Scooter?

When riding any wheeler, it’s better to put one some safety gear, whether you’re rookie or pro. The most essential part of the equipment is a solid helmet. It should protect your kid’s head immensely, so it’s recommended to look for an approved headgear. It’s ok to wear a bicycle helmet while scooting.

Such helmets are made with an enhanced shock-absorbing feature that reduces the risk of getting a severe injury if falling down. Make sure that the helmet meets the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission bicycle standards. That will be a great choice in terms of safety.

Apart from head protection, you may also consider investing in knee and elbow pads. As these are very sensitive body parts that must be protected when riding. In fact, wearing elbow pads could lower the chance of elbow injuries by 82%, and wearing knee pads reduces knee injuries by 32%.

What Are Some Safety Tips for Riding Kick Scooters for Kids?

In order to improve kids’ safety, you have to be aware of basic safety guidelines and make your kids follow them. Safety is the paramount aspect you should take into account while choosing the best kick scooter.

Here’s a list of helpful tips on how to stay safe while your kid is scootering. Let’s go!

  1. Always wear a firm helmet, even if you are not going to ride for long. Put on your knee pads as well as elbow pads to protect these areas.
  2. Wear brightly colored clothes so that others could see you.
  3. Never ride your scooter at night when nobody can notice you scooting.
  4. The ideal place to ride a kick scooter is a smooth, paved surface with no traffic. Try to avoid terrains covered with mud, sand, or gravel.
  5. Parents should constantly watch their younger children. Especially, if it’s their first riding attempt.
  6. Get off the scooter before crossing a road.

Follow these simple instructions in order to stay healthy and wealthy on a scooter.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Scooter?

When choosing a brand-new scooter, you have to pay extreme attention to the following features:

  • Brakes. Some scooters don’t have a braking system at all. While others may have both hand brake and foot brake. Your child needs to know these different braking techniques.
  • Folding. Lots of products can be folded up in order to save space. In addition, such a vehicle is easier to transfer. If the scooter has this feature, it’s a great plus.
  • Steering. Common scooters tend to have a T-shaped handlebar, which is used to steer. Some of the models require the rider to wobble from side to side to move.
  • Weight limit. Three-wheeled scooters have less weight capacity than two-wheeled vehicles. Check this feature before you buy a product if it matches your needs.
  • Age range. Various scooters’ types are available for kids of different ages. So you have a chance to choose between loads of styles.
  • Wheels. Depending on which style you prefer to scoot, the vehicles come with different wheel types. For instance, large wheels make it possible to ride off-road.
  • Type of scooter. Depending on how skilled your child is, you may pick the appropriate type of scooter. Three-wheeled scooters are perfect for beginners, while a two-wheeler is better for more advanced riders.
  • Assembling. Check the delivery description in advance in order to check what condition of the good you should expect. Most of the scooters come almost assembled, so your child can try it out after unboxing.

girl with balloons on a scooter

Final Thoughts

Children all over the world are extremely keen on riding a scooter. Scootering is a tremendous way of spending time outdoors with your dearest and nearest. As they are fun and easy to handle.

Lots of options are available on the market to meet every customer’s preferences. Both beginner and advanced wheelers may be found, so your kid is able to practice on and level up. Hence, we made up a list of paramount scooters, and no doubt, purchasing one of these five wheelers will be a hit for sure.

Check out the detailed review and buyer’s guide to make sure which vehicle would be the ideal option for your little adventurer. And don’t forget about our winner – the Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter – which grabs the headlines. What a great mix of sleek design and refined features.

Jerry is a former motorcycle mechanic. He’s dedicated his life to nuts and bolts of two- and four-wheelers. Pottering around in the garage - that’s, Jerry claims, the best way to spend all evening long. Currently, Jerry Kidd is a consultant at CFMOTO dealer in Chicago, IL, that offers high-performance ATVs and UTVs. The company has been serving for more than 30 years to provide its customers of all ages with heavy-duty vehicles.

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