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5 Best Electric 4 Wheelers for Kids

Electric quad is an awesome gift idea for boys and girls. This article reveals 5 top-class electric ATV for kids for your consideration. We’d like to help you buy an electric 4 wheeler that your child will enjoy. Check the reviews of these ride-on toys to get the perfect match.

Looking for the best entertainment for your kid? Thanks to a dozen brave kids from 2 to 12 years old we tested 14 of the most popular electric kids 4-wheelers and selected only the best ones!

We spent 2 weeks trying on different options and now we are ready to share our conclusion! And the winner is Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeler – the most enjoyable stylish electric four-wheeler for kids!


Razor Dirt Quad – Easy to Use Electric Kids ATV On Rubber Tires

  • It comes with hand-operated rear disc brakes for powerful variable speed and easy to use twist-grip acceleration control to make your kid’s riding smooth and safe.
  • Thick rubber knobby tires: while other similar ATVs are equipped with plastic ones, rubber provides more durability and great terrain adherence.
  • 120lbs Weight Capacity: 120lbs seem quite age-appropriate for an 8-year-old and upper.
  • Looks like a Real ATV: If you take a look at this 4-wheeler, you can immediately see that it looks like a smaller version of an adult ATV.

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If your kid is bored with riding a bicycle, an ATV could be a great alternative. Being a favorite of thousands of children, an electric 4-wheeler is a fascinating option to consider as a Birthday or Christmas gift. To make things easier, we’ve narrowed down the list to 5 upper-class electric ATVs for kids so you can save your time on research.

The Best Kids ATV Comparison Chart

Editor's Choice
Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeler

Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeler

  • Age range: 8+ Years Old
  • Max speed: 10 MPH
  • Weight capacity: 120lbs
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2Power Wheels Racing ATV

Power Wheels Racing ATV

  • Age range: 3-7 Years Old
  • Max speed: 6 MPH
  • Weight capacity: 65lbs
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3Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric 4 Wheeler

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric 4 Wheeler

  • Age range: 3-7 Years Old
  • Max speed: 5 MPH
  • Weight capacity: 85lbs
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Includes Metal Sidebards
Power Wheels Dune Racer ATV

Power Wheels Dune Racer ATV

  • Age range: 3-7 Years Old
  • Max speed: 5 MPH
  • Weight capacity: 130lbs
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5Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Ride-On Toy

Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Ride-On Toy

  • Age range: 3-8 Years Old
  • Max speed: 5 MPH
  • Weight capacity: 130lbs
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Top 5 Electric ATV for Kids Reviewed

We did dozens of testings and here we outline the best electric 4-wheelers for kids of different ages.


Razor Dirt Quad Electric 4-Wheeler – Great for Older Kids with Some Skills

Key Features

  • Age Range: 8+ Years Old
  • Max Speed: 10 miles per hour
  • Top Weight Capacity: 120lbs
  • Battery Power: 250 Watt/ 24 Volt
  • Automatic transmission

The Razor brand produces solid four-wheelers apart from scooters. That’s a great choice if you’re looking for some ATV to start from. The vehicle features a weight capacity of up to 120 pounds which is beneficial, considering the fact it’s a single quad.

Another perk is that the ATV comes with terrain tracing droop travel rear suspension with a coil shock that provides a smooth and comfy ride. In addition, the wheeler has plastic fairings and a covered tubular frame that’s suitable for all weather conditions.

Another fascinating features you might like are:

  • Twist grip acceleration
  • Hand-operated disc brake
  • 13-inch knobby tires
  • A high torque motor


The Razor Dirt Quad grabs the first place because of its tremendous safety, high quality, and space-saving features. That’s a great starter if you want your kids to be prepared for a gas ATV in the future. The vehicle comes in a variety of colors which both girls and boys will definitely like.


  • Rubber, All-Terrain Tires
  • Advanced for Older Kids
  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Outstanding customer reviews


  • Harder to Drive for Young Kids
  • Not Great on Grass Terrains
  • The Battery Lasts for 45 Minutes

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Power Wheels Racing ATV – a Great Starter for Young Kids

ATV Features

  • Age Range: 3-7 Years Old
  • Max Speed: 6 miles per hour
  • Top Weight Capacity: 65lbs
  • Battery Power: 12 Volt

Power Wheels is an extremely reputable brand that produces quality toys including realistic ATV for kids. The Hot Wheels Racing ATV model speeds up to 6 miles per hour which is quite suitable for kids starting from 3 years old.

The vehicle is loved by lots of parents because of its easy speed control. The ATV comes with a panel with three buttons that are used to check the speed: yellow (3 mph mode), green (6 mph mode), and red (reverse).

Another great feature is that the Power Wheels has wide solid tires that give an opportunity to drive on hard surfaces, rough trails, and wet grass.


The Power Wheels is a popular choice because of its fire look which is out of this world. Moreover, the speed-controlled feature provides extra safety that’s worth consideration.


  • Power Lock Brake System
  • Limited Speed Range
  • Parental Controls
  • Sleek and Stylish


  • Takes Time to Get Fully Charged
  • Handlebar Easily Damaged

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Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw – Best All-Terrain Electric 4 Wheeler for Kids of 6+ yrs

Key Features

  • Age Range: 3-7 Years Old
  • Top Speed: 5 miles per hour
  • Weight Capacity: 85lbs
  • Battery Power: 12-Volt
  • It goes well on grass, dirt, and pavement

The Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw electric ATV grabs our attention with its classy design and safety features. It comes with a rechargeable battery that has two different speeds – 2.5 and 5 miles per hour. So you can choose the most suitable for your young rider with no probs.

The vehicle comes with all-terrain fat tires so your child can drive in various trail conditions, dirt and gravel included.

Another distinctive feature is that the ATV has a single, pedal system that is easy to use for younger children. Thus, this is a great choice for beginner riders.


The Peg Perego offers an electric quad that has a unique design and catchy color styles suitable for both girls and boys. It comes with a simple pedal system which is a great plus.


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Includes a Charger
  • Electric start
  • Automatic Brakes
  • Remote control available
  • Two Speeds electric motor


  • Takes Time to Assembly
  • Might Slip When on Slopes

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Power Wheels Dune Racer – Top Choice for Families with Two Kids

Dune Racer Features

  • Age Range: 3-7 Years Old
  • Top Speed: 5 miles per hour
  • Top Weight Capacity: 130lbs
  • Battery Power: 12 Volt
  • Automatic transmission

The Power Wheels Dune Racer is an awesome pick if you’re looking for a double-seated ATV for kids. We love its sleek racing design that grabs you in the spotlight right away.

The weight capacity of the vehicle is up to 130 lbs so it can handle two children with no probs for many years. If your kids are ages between 3-7 years old, this is the perfect variant.

The vehicle features a power lock brake system which is a great plus in terms of speed control. If your kids are too small, you can start with a 2.5 mph mode and when they’re ready, speed it up to 5 miles per hour.

The Dune Racer is designed with thick plastic tires so you’re able to drive off-road including grass, mud, and sand. However, you have to keep in mind that this electric ATV comes with no padded seats or seat belts. That might be disappointing but generally, that’s not a big deal.


Overall, the Power Wheels Dune Racer is, perhaps, the best mini ATV for a family with two kids who are fond of driving. The outstanding design and comfortable seats are great perks.


  • Lockout Controls
  • Power Lock Brakes
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Foot Controlled Pedals


  • Plastic Tires
  • No Padded Cushions
  • No Seat Belts

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Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Great Ride-On Toy for Two Kids

ATV Features

  • Age Range: 3-8 Years Old
  • Top Speed: 5 miles per hour
  • Weight Capacity: 130 lbs
  • Battery Power: 12-Volt
  • Led headlights

Let’s check out another marvelous 4-wheeler made by Peg Perego, which’s also double-seated. The speed can be chosen either 2.5 mph or 5 mph to fit your kids’ age and driving skills. Parents love the lockout feature where you can set the max speed of 5 mph for your children’s safety.

What is a great benefit, the vehicle comes with bucket seats which you can easily adjust when your kids grow up. It also goes with cup holders to have a break right away.

This model is designed with super traction hard plastic tires to drive off-road like grass, dirt, and gravel.


The Peg Perego Polaris ATV is known for its fascinating features like lockout mode and adjustable seat belts. The weight capacity is decent enough to keep two kids aged from 3-8 years old. This 4 wheeler is among the best choice products for many years.


  • Long Battery Life
  • Two Speeds
  • Lock Out Top Speed
  • Large Cargo Bed


  • Frustrating to Put Together
  • Might Not Fit an 8-Year-Old

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little boy in orange helmet riding green ATV

Best Electric 4-Wheeler for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

If it’s your first experience of purchasing an ATV for your child it might seem a bit challenging. Some parents are not completely sure whether riding an ATV is safe for their kids. Thus no doubts, they crave maximum protection as well as comfort for the young riders.

Quality is another cornerstone when it comes to kids’ entertainment. When looking for a brand-new toy, it should be durable, solid, and made of decent materials to last long. That’s why this article highlights the uppermost electric 4-wheelers on the market that are proven and well-known.

Let’s have a look at what we took into account while choosing the goods.

The Best Age Range for Your Child

Different manufacturers produce various 4-wheelers which are suitable for a wide range of ages. You should follow the brand’s instructions to find out whether the quad you’d like to purchase matches your kid’s age. This is an essential aspect so your kid can feel quite convenient and safe in a seat.

Most 4-wheelers describe their max weight capacity as well as seat dimensions so you can be totally sure the vehicle is suitable for you. Moreover, you can check the feedbacks of consumers to read whether the size info is accurate. In addition, modern toy manufacturers provide their customers with adjustable options, so your quad may grow up simultaneously with your little rider.

Lots of electric ATVs for kids have a max speed of up to 10 miles per hour in terms of safety concerns. It goes without saying that you don’t need to buy a 15 miles per hour quad for 5-year kids, in terms of safety. That’s why the common feature is a parental control mode which means you can set the max speed so your child rides safe. When your kid is ready to level up, you can raise the speed appropriate to the age.

Four-Wheeler Battery Power

It’s considered a crucial aspect when picking an electric ATV for kids. The speed of the vehicle depends on the battery power as well as the longevity of the ride. Keep in mind that electric ATVs have shorter sessions than gas-powered ATVs. A ride usually lasts approximately one hour, then you should charge the battery.

This is a disadvantage of such quads as we all know how inpatient kids may be. So it might take forever for them to wait until the battery is live again. But on the other hand, you can use this peculiarity as a tool for controlling the time spent riding the best ATV.

Maximum Speed Range

The faster, the better – it’s not always true, particularly in terms of kids’ safety. Many parents don’t allow their kids to drive fast and it’s quite reasonable. Thus parents want to control the pace of children’s riding and it’s possible with a parent-control mode.

Speaking of novice riders who just started using an ATV, the top speed of 10 miles per hour is ideal. Thus it’s strongly recommended to check out models that are beginner-friendly as well as it has the feature of the high-speed lockout. So that you can be sure your kid doesn’t run faster. Once your child is ready, you can change the speed, so the quad can last for a few years while being adjustable.

Kids ATV Weight Capacity

Apart from the age range, you have to check the max weight capacity too. This parameter shows an available heavy workload that the quad can carry. It would be a great plus if there were enough extra space to grow. For instance, if your child is 65 lbs and the wheeler you’d like to purchase loads up to 75lbs, it’s not the best choice but still worth consideration.

Safety Features

When it comes to children, safety is the uppermost priority as we all want our kids to be healthy and wealthy. Riding an ATV could be challenging at first thus you have to be extremely careful while your little rider is in a seat. Read the instructions of the manufacturer attentively to be aware of safety and maintenance guidelines to avoid further issues.

Here’s a list of some fascinating safety features that you may find at your kid’s four-wheeler:

    • Power lock brakes
    • High-speed lockout
    • Lights for dim conditions
    • Good quality tires
    • Remote control
    • Padded handlebars

Dozens of modern brands produce electric quads for kids with a remote kill switch feature. That’s a great perk as parents are able to control the power in case your child wants to go wild. In addition, you can use this feature in terms of controlling the time spent on riding an ATV.

The Style of the ATV for Children

This feature may not be the prime one for parents but this is extremely important for kids. Anyway if you spend your money on something you want it to look quality and classy. So your child will be totally satisfied with a brand-new toy that beats other’s knick-knacks.

Kids tend to enjoy electric ATVs that look exactly like the adult ATV with realistic details, decorations, and vivid colors. Smaller riders are prone to choose the style of a vehicle with their favorite cartoon or game characters. Whereas younger children may choose fancy colors.

Extra Features to Consider Before Buying Kids 4 Wheeler

Toys manufacturers are improving their technologies to make their goods more durable, entertaining, and quality. That’s why they tend to update their toys adding new extra features to fit any customer’s needs.

For instance, modern ATVs include cup holders so you can store some snacks and bottles and your kid can have a break in the middle of the riding. Of course, it’s not a crucial feature but it’s a great plus though, particularly in hot weather conditions.

Another tremendous peculiarity is most electric ATVs come with thick all-terrain tires. That means your little buddy could ride off-road in different conditions like grass, sand, dirt, gravel, and many others. Besides, well-threaded wheels bring more safety as they don’t slip. Parents may not like their kids getting dirty but this true-to-life riding experience will definitely add some buzz for children, hands down.

girl fully equipped riding four wheeler

Always Wear a Helmet

When you decide to purchase an ATV for your kid, you have to be aware of basic safety guidelines.  As accidents may happen at any time, thus you have to be totally prepared and well-equipped. When it comes to kid’s safety, parents should provide them with all the necessary gear to reduce the risk of severe injuries while they’re on a road.

As any other riding activity requires wearing head protection, riding an ATV is not an exception. You need to consider investing in a solid helmet in order to avoid damaging your child’s head. In fact, it saves lives for many people on an everyday basis.

Researches show that wearing headgear could lower the risk of getting a severe injury by over 80%. That’s because most helmets are designed with a shock-absorption feature that lessens the pressure on a head in case of falling down or a crash. Hence you have to watch your kid wears an ATV helmet as well as safety gear even if he rides an electric ATV around the neighborhood. Wearing a high quality helmet increases the chance of spending your pastime with even more pleasure and confidence.

little girl riding red four wheeler

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Four-Wheeler?

Four-wheelers are also called quads, quadricycles, or quad ATVs, and all of these mean all-terrain vehicles. Such vehicle features low-pressure tires, single or double seats, and handlebars for steering control. The 4-wheeler is operated in a similar way as a bike but it goes with four wheels to add more safety and comfort.

Pay attention that in various regions current regulations of ATV laws may differ.

ATVs for kids are a smaller copy of four-wheelers for adults.

Why Should You Get Your Kid a Four-Wheeler?

If you’re hesitating whether or not you should buy a 4-wheeler for your child, here’s a list of the main benefits of riding an ATV.

First of all, having an ATV is a great alternative for young riders. If you don’t know what to gift on your kid’s Birthday, be sure this toy is a game-changer!

In addition, riding an ATV improves fine motor skills which is a great plus. So while your buddy is having fun outdoors, they also improve their abilities. If driving in teams, it enhances collaboration work as well.

Electric four-wheelers typically come with a speed control feature so you can set the desired speed. Parent-control mode ensures your kids don’t go over limits so you can stay calm.

Electric vs. Gas-Powered ATV for Kids: What’s the Difference?

This article reviews electric ATVs only but there’s another popular category of kids gas-powered ATVs you may also take into consideration. So what’s the difference?

Electric ATVs for kids are typically designed for smaller kids who are rookies riding a four-wheeler. They usually come with a rechargeable battery so you’re limited in time spent on riding per one session – 45-60 min. The top speed is about 5-8 miles per hour. Such a vehicle is quite lightweight and easy to maintain.

Gas-powered ATVs, as its name says, use fuel to run the motor. This type of quads is commonly used by more experienced children. They come with a wide range of speed, weight capacity, and color styles.

At What Age Should My Child Start ATVing?

In fact, there’s a huge array of ATVs suitable for kids of all ages. There are some models that even fit 12 months old kids! Thus, it depends on your feelings, at what age you’re ready to allow your buddy ATVind and when children start feeling quite confident to get on a seat and take a ride. Generally, your kid should be young enough to be able to hold the handlebars duly as well as know-how to use power buttons and pedals.

Therefore, 1 year old maybe not enough to start a 4-wheeler but you can give a shot at 2 years old. Most 2-3 years old kids are decisive enough to ride electric quads, hence lots of manufacturers produce vehicles that are suitable for this age and older.

Generally, when picking an electric ATV for your kid, check out the age recommendations first to be sure if it’s appropriate for your little rider.

How to Charge a Youth Electric Quad?

Electric ATVs for kids and youth come with rechargeable batteries. To charge it, you should just plug it in a socket. There’s a special unit inside a four-wheeler where you can store the cord between powering up. It takes approximately 5-10 hours to recharge the battery so your kid can enjoy the ride over and over.

Battery chargers for kids and youth ATVs are commonly included in a box but it’s recommended to double-check the product specifications. In addition, manufacturers sell the battery separately so you can replace it over time without purchasing a new vehicle.

Where Can My Child Ride an ATV?

Before you start riding an ATV outdoors, you have to be aware of local laws that describe which places are claimes as safe and lawful to ride.

Generally, you’re allowed to ride a 4-wheeler on your property or other private property with permission. As well as on public places that are made especially for ATVing like areas for providing events and competitions. In many states, riding a 4-wheeler on a roadway is prohibited except crossing the road.

boy riding electric quad

Useful Tips on Choosing the Best Kids & Youth ATV

We’d like to discuss some crucial aspects that may help you choose the most suitable four-wheeler on the market. Here are four useful tips on what you should take into account when making the best purchase for your lovely kids.

Four Things To Keep In Mind

When it comes to choosing a brand-new electric ATV for your kid, you will need to pay attention to your budget, the age recommendations, the place your children will be riding, and the safety peculiarities you are searching for.

Having dealt with these aspects, you’ll find the best vehicle for you and your family with no probs enjoying the ride to the max.

So let’s take a look at the nitty-gritty of picking the best electric quad for children.


Budget is considered as one of the paramount factors to consider when choosing a youth 4-wheeler. Electric all-terrain vehicles for children can range at costs starting from a few hundred dollars and up to $10,000. Thus it’s up to which budget you’d like to fit in and check the options available for you.

Different ATVs with various prices will include sundry features, so it’s better to do some research in advance to find out which peculiarities you’re searching for and what variants you can choose from.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you could consider investing in a used four-wheeler from a reputable manufacturer or individual. However, you have to be very careful and thoroughly check the vehicle whether it’s safe and well-made.  Purchasing from a certified dealer will be more likely to avoid unexpected issues in future use.

The great plus is that new goods come with a warranty to ensure the customer that the toy will be supported to last for long. Hence checking the option of getting a warranty may be beneficial to you as well.


Proper age to ride kids ATV without remote controlAnother substantial factor you will have to consider with children’s four-wheeler is the age range that is appropriate for riding a specific ATV.

Many kid’s ATVs are designed for particular ages, so when you are searching for the electric quad that will be the best fit for you and your buddy, be sure to check what ages are suitable for the concrete model.

It’s essential to pay attention to the age range which is allowed for using an ATV in order to increase the kid’s safety while they are operating the vehicle. As these all-terrains might be potentially dangerous, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines to avoid severe injuries.


ATV for kids - Proper location in the USA to ride kids 4 wheeler with electric startWhere is your kid going to spend their leisure time ATVing?

Before you purchase a 4-wheeler, you have to answer this question. This will help you determine which electric ATV you need to look for.

Lots of kid’s electric quads are quite suitable to be operated in different riding conditions such as grass, concrete pavement, rocks, dirt, or any specific location you might have in mind.

On the other hand, there are some ATVs that are specially designed for particular areas. Thus when picking the 4-wheeler, bear in mind the nearest locations where your kid is likely to ride the quad. This will totally help you get the most out of your new vehicle while maximizing the longevity of the ATV itself, knowing that it will be riding on the surface it is made for.


Safe riding kids battery powered four wheeler ATVLast but not least thing to consider, when purchasing an all-terrain vehicle for your child, is safety.

Actually, safety grabs the first priority from all the tips mentioned above.

Lots of manufacturers provide their four-wheelers with enhanced safety features so the young generation can ride smoothly. Typically, electric ATVs come with an engine governor in order to track the speed while your child is on a seat. Some of the goods may be controlled remotely so parents stay calm.

Besides, you can improve your child’s safety by checking whether the driving surface has no obstacles. As well as teaching your kid how to operate such a vehicle properly from the first ride. 

In a Nutshell

To sum up, taking into consideration these vital tips, finding the perfect 4-wheeler for your kids will be as easy as a pie. Just follow these guidelines and you’ll pick the ideal option that will make your children satisfied for a long! We strongly recommend you check out the Razor Dirt Quad kids’ ATV but all of the options described are worth your attention.

Final Thoughts on Kids ATVs

Choosing the best electric four-wheeler for your kid requires you need to do some research beforehand. Read the age recommendations carefully as well as the maximum weight capacity of each brand.

When your kid takes up riding an electric mini quad bike for the first time, this will be one of the most pleasant

Electric ATV for Kids - battery powered four wheeler

moments in their childhood, hands down.

In terms of safety, be sure your little buddy is aware of basic guidelines by fostering them to drive safely and be attentive on a road.

Hope this detailed review will come in handy when you consider investing in the best electric ATV for kids. This manual is made to ease the process of choosing the most suitable quad from a huge range of options.

No matter which vehicle you are going to pick, be sure to supervise your kid while they’re operating the 4-wheeler. As accidents may happen, so an adult has to be present to watch their child is fine. But the main point is that purchasing an all-terrain vehicle for your kids will definitely be a game-changer in their pastime!

Jerry is a former motorcycle mechanic. He’s dedicated his life to nuts and bolts of two- and four-wheelers. Pottering around in the garage - that’s, Jerry claims, the best way to spend all evening long. Currently, Jerry Kidd is a consultant at CFMOTO dealer in Chicago, IL, that offers high-performance ATVs and UTVs. The company has been serving for more than 30 years to provide its customers of all ages with heavy-duty vehicles.

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