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All Kids Bicycle Sizes Explained

When the time is ripe to get a new bike for kids, think wisely over its size. A cozy wheeler will bring top-notch emotions into your child’s pastime. Thus, we made up the kids bicycle size guide to be considered. Check out the best method on how to choose the right bike size for kids.

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Consider It First

It’s crucial to know that bicycles with an equal wheel size can be different in the overall size. This aspect is usually neglected and parents may end up investing in the wrong two-wheeler. That’s why there’s no surprise why a 14” bike from one brand fits as good as a 16” bike of another brand.

The very first thing we strongly recommend NOT to do is choosing a kids bike by age. To be more exact, don’t pick the two-wheeler relying on the age recommendations only. This is due to the fact all children are different. For instance, 6-year-old youngsters can be rather tall while other peers are short. Hence, different riding toys should fit various riders.

Another crucial point is that don’t choose the wheeler as an adult’s one. Adult bicycles are sized by the frame, not the wheel, thus, they’ll need to check a frame size bike chart. Alternatively, look for a bike size chart for kids that distinguishes wheel sizes. And you don’t need to go too far as we’ve already got one!

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Kids Bicycle Sizes Chart

When choosing a two-wheeler, it’s important to know how to choose the kids bicycle size aptly. Here’s a bike size chart that may help you to choose the best two-wheeler for your loved ones. Mind that the wheel size is the tire’s diameter (inches). The bigger the wheels, the bigger the frame is. The most common bike sizes include 12”, 16”, 20”, and 24”.

As we already mentioned, the wheel size is not the only aspect you should bear in mind. That’s why this bike size chart contains inseam and height parameters as well.

Wheel SizeAgeHeightInseam
12"2 - 336" - 39"15" - 18"
14"2 - 437" - 44"15" - 20"
16"4 - 641" - 48"16" - 22"
20"5 - 845" - 54"19" - 25"
24"8 - 1149" - 59"23" - 28"
26"10 +56" +25" +

Kids Bike Sizes Chart

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Balance Bike Sizes

If your kid wants to learn cycling, the best balance bike will hit the purpose. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate balance bike size for rookie riders. First of all, mind that the feet must stay flat on the ground while being seated. And the knees bent slightly for more comfortable performance.

By achieving such a position you should check the balance bike seat height. It has to be NO higher than the child’s inseam length. Otherwise, the kid’s feet will be hanging down not touching the ground. This is inappropriate as the main point of riding a balance bike is to kick the wheeler with feet as it has no pedals. Thus, lower seat height is required in this case.

Check the product’s description for its minimum seat height. For instance, if the kid’s inseam is 12”, make sure that the seat height is no more than 12”. For better comfort, the seat could be 0.5” – 1.5” lower than the inseam length.

Balance Bike Size Chart

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First Pedal Bike

If you’re considering your first pedal bicycle, make sure the inseam fits the minimum of the seat height. The 1” difference is acceptable, but the bigger range won’t get your kid to touch the ground while riding. Switching to the pedal bike should be flawless. And if the youngster is still learning stability, you should provide them with the proper bike.

How to check inseam and seat height

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If your kid is confident enough to pedal, the bigger range between the inseam and seat heights is satisfactory. The feet may not stay flat but it will be enough to touch the ground with the toes.

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How to Choose the Right Kids Bike Size?

Bicycle sizes for kids should be determined by several measurements. And the main aspect here is the kid’s inseam. The inseam is the inside leg length. It’s the line that starts for the crotch and goes to the bottom of the ankle – just where jeans usually end. Measuring the inseam is a more accurate way to fit the bike size than by the wheel size. Thus, it’s better to combine these means.

How to Measure the Kid’s Inseam

To measure the inseam it’s recommended to put shoes on before. Ask your child to lean on the wall as if you’re about to check how tall they are. Place a book between the kid’s legs with the spine facing the crotch. There’s no gap between the spine and the crotch.

Take a measuring tape and measure from the floor to the spine of the book. And voila – here’s the inseam! Now you can compare your results with the size chart. The inseam is related to the bicycle’s seat height.

measuring the kids inseam chart

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Measuring Kid’s Height

Apart from the inseam, measure your child’s overall height to use both parameters. This will enhance your chances to pick the ideal kids bike size. If you don’t know how tall your little one, just grab a measuring tape and do the thing. But again, this method shouldn’t be the only one if you want to get precise measurements.

When you finish measuring the height and the inseam, get back to the size chart. You may find a few kids bicycle sizes suitable for your parameters. What should you do then? We recommend picking a bike with bigger wheels. This will prolong the lifespan of the two-wheeler when your youngster is growing up. Besides, larger tires provide more stability, which is a great perk for littler riders.

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When choosing a new bike, you may feel puzzled about a wide range of kids bicycle sizes. The proper kids bike size can be found by taking the right measurements. These include the child’s inseam and height. Pick a bicycle with larger tires if you face a few options with a slight difference.

We shared the bike size chart so you’re able to order the ideal fit. With the guidelines described above, you can choose the best bike size even though you haven’t seen the wheeler before the delivery. No doubt, your little friends will be excited about their brand-new riding toys!

While your kids are on the streets, teach them to wear safety gear. This will enhance their protection immensely. Check another article that reveals how to take care of kids riding gear.

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