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Kids ATV Blog
First Ride on a Balance Bike: What You Need to Know

If your kid is a rookie user in the world of riding, a balance bike is a great option to consider first. Such a pedal-less wheeler may improve their balance as well as their confidence on the road. If you feel your child is too small or not experienced enough to take up cycling, no worries. There’s ...

How to Take Care of Kids Riding Gear

A ride-on vehicle like an electric ATV or a go-kart is an unconventional type of kids’ toys. It requires a bunch of protective equipment in terms of safety. Admit it, you would feel more comfortable and relieved if your child wore special gear while they’re on a wheeler. Thus, we’d like to ...

How to Ride a Fliker Scooter

As the range of entertaining goods is getting wider all the time, a thirst for adventure is increasing respectively. And the toy industry is no exception. It goes without saying 21st-century children may be spoiled and picky, every time a search for a new trinket turns into a treasure hunt. To ...

Traveling with a Kids Scooter

Planning a family vacation? Thinking of what essentials to take with? If your kid is an avid adventurer who is always on the move, you should consider grabbing their favorite scooter on a trip. It could be a lifesaver when it comes to a prolonged journey. If your trip includes a great distance ...

5 Best Fliker Scooters for Kids

We spent 2 weeks on wiggling and drifting on 18 swing scooters and found that the Razor DeltaWing Scooter would come a long way towards having fun outdoors. Keep reading to grasp why this wheeler gets the gold medal. Razor DeltaWing Scooter - Great Three-Wheeled Drifter The product has a ...

5 Best Electric 4 Wheelers for Kids

Electric quad is an awesome gift idea for boys and girls. This article reveals 5 top-class electric ATV for kids for your consideration. We'd like to help you buy an electric 4 wheeler that your child will enjoy. Check the reviews of these ride-on toys to get the perfect match. Looking for the ...

5 Best Kids Gas 4 Wheeler Review

You are a responsible parent, before buying a kids gas 4 wheeler you have to make research.  You must be sure that you choose the safest and high-quality ATV for your child. This is the right place for you. We've created this guide for parents to help you buy a Gas Kids ATV that will make both ...

5 Best Ride On Digger Toys for Kids Review

We have dug up 15 different excavator toys and concluded that Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader is really top-notch in the line. This digger represents another fascinating ride-on toy with various features and great durability made by a trusted brand. Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader - ...

Why Pedal Go-Kart Is The Best Choice for Kids Under 10

What is Pedal Go-Kart? A pedal go-kart or go-cart is a small, non-suspension, four-wheeled vehicle whose power source is foot pedals which the rider or riders pedal like a bicycle. Pedal go-karts may be pedaled as fast as the operator’s legs will power it. On a downhill track, this can be ...

Kids Riding Toys Safety Guide

ATV power and speed are those criteria that should exactly fit the capability of a small rider all the time. Parents are responsible for the safety of their kids during ATV riding. A parent should realize the responsibility and the risks parents and kids both are facing during ATV riding. A ...

Peg Perego ATVs for Kids: Top Models Reviewed

In the world of kids' ATVs, Peg Perego is a key name. This brand has incredible mini power rides that enable children to enjoy the all-terrain experience. Here we have some of the most popular Peg Perego ATV models this brand brought out so far for children, with their special features, which may ...

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