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Razor Hovertrax – the Most Desirable Self-Balancing Scooter for Kids

A Hoverboard for Kids

Is your child begging you to buy a hoverboard? Welcome to the club.

Children love to stay current, and self-balancing scooters are the latest innovation in entertainment technology, even if somewhat alien—If you are looking to give your little one a quality set of futuristic wheels, we’ve got all the details you need to clear your doubts!

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

The Razor Hovertrax, or more specifically, Razor Hovertrax 2.0, is the flagship model, successor to the first Hovertrax. Back when Razor released it to the market, the 1.0 shared more or less all the flaws and virtues of its competitors.

Nonetheless, they cleverly designed the 2.0 to outdo its parent in every metric. The Hovertrax 2.0 features significant innovations at a reasonable price for an entry-level hoverboard.

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Tech Specs

Max Load: 220 lbs (100 kg)

Battery Life: Up to 60 minutes of continuous use

Ages: 8+

Max Speed: 8 mph (10 km/h)

Motor: Silent, dual hub-driven motors, 135-watt (cruising power) to 350-watt (peak power). Features EverBalance auto self-balancing gyro-sensor technology.

Steering: Foot-Controlled. Anti-slip rubber platforms.

Tires: Rubber with aluminum hubs

Wheels: 6.5 inches

Frame: Steel with shatter-resistant polymer body; fender bumper protection, and front blue LED light bars.

Battery: 36V lithium-ion pack, quick-change, rechargeable.

Safety: UL-2272 Certification

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Main Features

Razor has implemented several features to make their scooter stand in the crowd; amongst these we find:


Perhaps one of the most remarkable features of the Hovertrax. This intelligently-engineered solution rightly earns the hoverboard the title of a self-balancing scooter, providing a host of benefits such as:

  • Easier Mounting— Arguably the part in which novices struggle the most.
  • Smoother Ride—It sacrifices some speed, but you probably don’t want your child darting on their hoverboard at over 10 mph.
  • Superior Auto-Level—Not only safer but great for learning.
  • Unmanned Safety—If you fall or push the hoverboard, it will continue, face-up, and then stop automatically. This prevents it from tumbling over.

Training Mode

You can enter into “training mode” via a switch.  In this mode, speed is limited, and controls take more time to respond; excellent for beginners who need to learn each control and to practice muscle control and isolation.

This feature alone makes it more than a suitable hoverboard for kids, and the best part is that it can help them practice athletic skills outside riding their scooters such as balancing, counterbalancing, and leaning.

You could always switch the safe mode on and give the Hovertrax a ride! …to see if it’s safe for your child, of course (don’t worry, I want to ride one of those too).


Cheaper hoverboards are pretty simplistic, but Razor Hovertrax has several key additions that together make a huge difference:

  • LED Panels: Stylish and useful, the battery panel lets you monitor the battery life as you cruise and improves your visibility while you ride.
  • Swappable Batteries: The batteries are encased in a removable compartment, and this has several uses:
    • If you have another battery pack, you can effectively double the operational range of the hoverboard.
    • If you have more than one child but only one hoverboard, you can let one ride with one pack, and the other with the spare.
    • If your batteries stop working or start acting up, you just have to buy another battery, not another hoverboard.
  • Fender Bumpers: A trusty shield against dings. Children might get a bit hasty, but curbs and rails won’t dent the hoverboard.
  • FullLength Foot Platforms: Comfortable and anti-slip, these feel more secure than the previous model and provide a better grip for seamless maneuvering.

girl fully equipped

Safety Concerns & Tips

Would you buy your child a dangerous toy?

Cheaper hoverboards can get costly, and I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about your child’s safety.

Above everything, parents must assure the safety of their children; fortunately, Razor has provided the Hovertrax with several safety measures to separate themselves, and your kids, from harm.

You might’ve seen news some time ago about hoverboards catching fire. If you have, don’t be alarmed. The hoverboards that did catch fire did not have UL certification; that is, they didn’t meet high electrical system safety standards.

However, Razor Hovertrax is the first hoverboard to have received such certification, so they guarantee safety standards to prevent these issues. As an additional safeguard, the batteries (the only elements that can really spark and produce a fire) are encased, containing any possible fire within.

Safety Gear for Kids

Don’t neglect safety gear just because the Hovertrax is safe!

Be sure you have the following to ensure your child’s safety:

  • Protective Helmet: Preferably one that is safety-standard approved with a chin strap. You may be legally required to use it in your area, so it never hurts to check regulations.
  • Elbow Pads
  • Kneepads
  • Wrist Guards
  • Long-sleeved Shirt
  • Long Pants
  • Gloves
  • Athletic Shoes: Make sure the shoelaces are tied and nowhere near the wheels, motor, or drive system.

Out of all the previous equipment, the helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads are the most important. It is best if your child avoids riding barefooted or in sandals.

Riding on Adequate Terrain

Preferably, the Hovertrax should be used indoors, but your child will probably want to ride through the entire neighborhood; as always, it pays to be alert and cautious. As long as they are not going up slopes or hills, or driving into curbs, it’s all right!

The “ideal” terrain should be:

  • Smooth, flat, and dry
  • Away from loose objects, obstacles, and things you might crash/fall into.

Read The Manual

The controls are designed to be intuitive, but it is a lot harder to understand how to make it start and move than, say, riding a bicycle.

However, use this situation to bond with your child! You can teach them the importance of reading manuals and understanding things and then you can try riding the hoverboard with them so that they can get started quickly and effectively.

The experience can be as rewarding as you want it to!

lego figure on hoverboard


Razor Hovertrax is a solid hoverboard for kids. It features the necessary technological additions to make the operation as smooth as possible without sacrificing a stylish look, fun, or durability.

What’s more, is that the price for the product is pretty reasonable as far as entry-level self-balancing scooters go.

As a parent, your number one priority is the safety of your little one so the Hovertrax’s high safety standards might make it a fitting choice for both of you.

We find the Hovertrax to be excellent, and the updates it has received since the original model have raised the bar in the hoverboard market.

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