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Mini Quads (2-5 years)
Peg Perego ATVs for Kids: Top Models Reviewed

In the world of kids' ATVs, Peg Perego is a key name. This brand has incredible mini power rides that enable children to enjoy the all-terrain experience. Here we have some of the most popular Peg Perego ATV models this brand brought out so far for children, with their special features, which may ...

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Kids ATV Quad 4 Wheeler Ride On Review

Are you looking for the best ATV for your child? Are your kids interested in an ATV for their enjoyment, fun, and entertainment? If so, then you have come to the right place! Here in this article, we are going to show you some of the best ATVs for kids that are available on the market today. ...

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Keeping Your ATV Safe and Secure

When you own an ATV, there is probably nothing worse than taking a step outside and seeing that it is no longer parked where you left it or that it has been severely damaged by someone who messed around with it while you were away. Your ATV is something that you took a time to shop for, made sure ...

10 Best Ride-On Toys Below $150

Before we know it, the holiday season will be right around the corner and if you have little children, you know what that means… toys! One of the best toys you can get your children (and one of the toys they will love the most!) are ride-on toys. These “miniature vehicles” give your children the ...

Why Daddies Often Buy 4-Wheeler for Their Kids?

I'm sure everyone has heard a daddy exclaim how he would've liked the kid 4-wheeler existed in his childhood. It's impossible to count all suchlike displays of emotions. And certainly, every adult from time to time imagines what he or she would have done with such opportunities as children have in ...

When Is The Time To Buy Your Child an Electric ATV?

Do you think your kid is too big already for a pram, but too clumsy yet for a bike? Here, you can choose between two alternatives: either carry your kid in your arms or – an electric ATV for kids, like Peg-Perego, could be your choice. Having been presented with a small vehicle, your child will ...

Kids’ ATV Battery Maintenance Guide

Modern electric kids' ATVs are equipped with electric starters as these are more convenient and easier for kids and adults to use to start a vehicle. Kick starters are now out of use. However, some ATVs are still equipped with both a kick starter and an electric one. For those ATVs featuring an ...

Fischer Price ATVs for Kids: Top Models’ Review

For decades, Fischer Price has been one brand that most parents and kids agree on. This toy brand has been revolutionary in bringing out those colorful, interactive toys and play materials that help children develop intelligence while having fun. Fischer Price is famous for their ATVs for kids as ...

Mini Quads – Superb Outdoor Fun for Your Kids

If you are looking for good outdoor entertainment for your toddler then a mini quad will be quite a thing. A mini quad for kids is a prototype of a real full-size quad. But it has a powerful battery and offers exciting and safe 2 mph speed. The main difference between the four-wheeler for ...

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