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How to Ride a Fliker Scooter

As the range of entertaining goods is getting wider all the time, a thirst for adventure is increasing respectively. And the toy industry is no exception. It goes without saying 21st-century children may be spoiled and picky, every time a search for a new trinket turns into a treasure hunt.

To ease the torment, we’ve got something new for you. And the name of it is a fliker scooter. Yes, you read it right, a scooter. Now you might be thinking why a kids’ two-wheeler is so special. A fliker scooter or a swing scooter is an unconventional riding toy that will definitely bring diversity to your child’s playtime.

So the question is, what is a fliker scooter for kids? Thankfully, we got the answer and even more info on this vehicle. Buckle up and we’re ready to plunge into the nitty-gritty of swing scooting.

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What Is a Swing Scooter?

A fliker scooter (a swing, wiggle, Flicker scooter) is a brand-new ride-on toy for kids. It’s grabbing the headlines due to its extraordinary design and riding features. As soon as you see the wheeler, you’ll notice how different it looks from its common scooter competitors. And here is why:

  • a swing scooter has a pair of footplates instead of a single deck unlike a kids kick scooter;
  • it comes with three wheels – one front wheel and two rear wheels – instead of a traditional two-wheeled design.

Apart from that, the main distinctive feature of a Flicker scooter is its outstanding riding style. You need to constantly move the body from side to side – like wiggling – in order to ride a scooter.

It may sound weird, but believe it or not, dozens of kids all over the world are enjoying this three-wheeler precisely because of its unusual swinging mode. No doubt, kids are obsessed with all the crazy stuff, aren’t they?

What Is a Fliker Scooter Built?

If it’s the first time your kid is riding a wiggle scooter, it’s recommended to get aware of its main parts. It could come in handy when it’s time to explain to your kid how to ride the wheeler properly. Besides, most fliker scooters come unassembled, so you should know how to put the details together and check the instructions given by the manufacturer.

When it comes to kids scooting, safety is your number one priority. And knowing the built basics is a crucial part of that.

The main parts of a swing scooter are the following:

  • hand grip,
  • handlebar,
  • stem cap for handlebar,
  • brake lever,
  • brake cable,
  • steering tube,
  • folding knob,
  • brake plate,
  • front wheel,
  • action deck,
  • rear wheel.
Fliker scooter chart

Fliker scooter components

In fact, there’s a huge array of wiggle scooter options available on the market, but all of them have a similar structure. Generally, the vehicle comes with a detailed set of instructions to follow, so the process of assembling should be as easy as pie.

Additionally, lots of fliker scooters for kids are foldable, which is a great plus in terms of storage and durability. The steering tube may be adjustable as well, which could be beneficial for little children growing fast. The scooter is designed with solid caster wheels that improve maneuverability and can be ridden off-road.

How to Ride a Swing Scooter?

After you unbox and assemble the riding toy, it’s high time for a test-drive! You know, kids don’t like waiting. Hop on and let’s go for a spin.

Here’s a batch of useful tips on how to ride a swing scooter:

  1. Step on the footplates (one plate – one foot, obviously).
  2. Lift one leg and kick off a few times as a normal scooter to start a wheeler.
  3. Once you reach the desired speed, place two feet on the plates, and lower your body a bit.
  4. Start swinging from left to right and steer the toy.
  5. Go on swaying. The more you move, the more you’ll go.

And here you go, your kid nailed fliker scooting! After your child is used to riding, they could learn how to do stunts and tricks. Alternatively, you may use the three-wheeler as a regular kids kick scooter. But the point of a swing scooter is to perform fancy moves, so usual kicking might be too dull for the young riders.

And of course, don’t forget about a riding helmet for your child. Don’t let your kid step on a wheeler without proper protective gear. Continue reading to find out more about safety guidelines.

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Safety Guidelines on Riding a Kids Fliker Scooter

Keep this regulation at hand so your rookie fliker could ride safely for long.

Before Riding

  • Check the scooter is fully assembled, and all the parts are in their places.
  • Check the handlebar is solid.
  • Check the brakes work fine. Double check.
  • Check the footplates are set firm.
  • Check the folding knobs are tight.
  • Check the wheels are mobile.

Use Guide

  • Check the wheels are in good condition all the time. Lubricate, if needed. If the wheels are worn out, replace them over time.
  • Check the knobs and bolts occasionally. Tighten if needed. If you notice a missing screw, stop scooting immediately until you replace it with a new piece.
  • If you need to replace a part, do not use parts made for other kick scooters, it may be dangerous.
  • If the brake cable is loose, take out a screw, pull tight the cable and then tighten the screw.
  • In order to polish the scooter, do not use chemical cleaners or alcohol, use a car wax instead.
  • While riding, put a helmet on your kid as well as protective knee and elbow pads.
  • Do not let your child ride a swing scooter on the road not intended for scooting.
  • Do not leave your little kids unsupervised when they are scooting.

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Thanks to the modern world, we’re able to surprise our dearest and nearest with marvelous presents. However, a huge bunch of gift ideas could make you feel intimidated because of the difficulty of choosing the very best option.

Hence, we’d like to share this article with you in order to outline a fascinating riding toy, so your children will fall in love right away. No wonder after you face this unconventional wheeler, you may end up ordering a swing scooter not only for your kid but for you too. How about running a scooting competition with all your family and friends? Frankly, it sounds awesome!

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