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5 Best Ride On Digger Toys for Kids Review

We have dug up 15 different excavator toys and concluded that Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader is really top-notch in the line. This digger represents another fascinating ride-on toy with various features and great durability made by a trusted brand.


Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader – Classy Battery-Powered Excavator Toy

  • The ride-on has two-speed levels and a reverse mode.
  • The high traction 4WD excavation wheels safely operate on most terrains.
  • A 12V rechargeable battery powers it.
  • The accelerator pedal also functions as a safety brake.

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Kids are naturally fascinated with realistic construction vehicles like tractors and diggers and dream of starting their construction site in the background. While this was once a dream, kids today can make it a reality by ride-on digger toys.

There are so many types of kids construction toys that it’s not possible to buy one impromptu. So we did tested a few digger toys and have presented the results in this ride on digger toy buying guide.

Top Ride On Digger Toys Comparison 

Editor's Choice
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader

  • Ideal for kids aged 3-7
  • Has 2-speed levels and reverse mode
  • Battery-powered with an accelerator pedal
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Construction Sounds Feature
Mega Brands Caterpillar with Excavator

Mega Brands Caterpillar with Excavator

  • Has a large steering wheel with control buttons
  • Perfect for toddlers aged 1-3 years old
  • 360 degrees pivoting excavator arm
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3Rolly Toys CAT Pedal Tractor

Rolly Toys CAT Pedal Tractor

  • Pedal-powered excavator
  • Has 2 working buckets
  • Has rubberized oversized wheels
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2-Handed Design
Reeves International Sandbox Excavator

Reeves International Sandbox Excavator

  • Perfect for scooping sand and snow
  • 360 degrees swivel, dig, scoop and dump actions
  • Metal body with double rubber wheels
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5POCO DIVO Digger Scooter

POCO DIVO Digger Scooter

  • A ride-on excavator, scooter and pulling cart
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Emits different sounds and flashing lights
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5 Best Ride On Digger Toys for Kids

1. Peg Perego John Deere Ground LoaderClassy Battery-Powered Excavator Toy

Kids aged 3-7 will love this extra-large John Deere Ground Loader Tractor. It has everything you find in a regular tractor, thus taking their excitement to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Older kids love using the working front loader to scoop up things like toys, sand, and leaves. They can safely scoop and help around the yard or scoop and carry their toys around.
  • John Deere loader has two-speed levels, letting kids ride at 2.5 or 4.5 miles per hour. It also quickly switches to a reverse mode for easy reversing.
  • There’s an accelerator pedal, which automatically worked as a brake once kids take their little feet off it.
  • The excavator has high traction 4WD excavation wheels that are operational on most terrains.
  • The adjustable seat even has flip-up armrests to accommodate growing kids.
  • Parents love the safety feature where the 2nd gear is locked, to prevent kids from riding too fast.
  • The lower speed is ideal for indoor and younger drivers while older kids love the thrill of riding at higher speeds.
  • A 12-volt rechargeable battery, with an included charger, powers the smooth, safe and comfortable ride-on.


The adjustable armrests and seat, variable speed levels, and reverse mode make this battery operated ride on perfect for older kids. It’s also safe for younger kids to use with its safe speed and auto brake features.


  • Made with US domestic and international parts
  • Has free 2nd-year warranty extension
  • Double resin body
  • Various fully adjustable features
  • Maximum weight is 100lbs


  • Expensive
  • Complaints of parts falling apart in a year

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2. Mega Blocks Caterpillar with Excavator – Great Choice for Two-Year-Olds

Your budding builder at home will enjoy doing ‘construction work’ on the Mega Blocks Ride-on Caterpillar with Excavator. Its large steering wheels with colored feature control buttons create realistic truck sounds to cater to a realistic trucking experience.

Key Features:

  • The toy has a foldable, 360 degrees pivoting excavator arm with a working scoop shovel.
  • Your kid can activate the arm just by turning around while seated.
  • The kids ride-on excavator comes inclusive of 10 First Builders Cat-themed blocks to scoop up.
  • There’s an under-the-seat storage area to store the bricks.
  • Ideal for kids aged 1-3 years old.


If you want something safe and exciting for your builder toddler, then the Mega Blocks Ride-on Caterpillar is what you want. It’s built tough and has a realistic 360-degree rotating excavator. I liked the bricks which your kids will enjoy scooping up.


  • Creates realistic construction sounds
  • The digger bucket feature
  • Sturdily built for rough kids
  • Perfectly sized for 1-3 y.o. toddlers


  • Tall kids may quickly outgrow the toy
  • Complaints of the rear wheels falling off with use
  • Not meant for older kids

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3. Rolly Toys CAT Pedal Tractor – Fascinating Pedal-Powered Ride-On

Your little builder at home will love this fully functional backhoe digger. The Rolly Toys CAT Pedal Tractor comes complete with authentic JCB paint and logos. It is durable, but lightweight at just 100 lbs, making it easier for your kid to ride around.

Key Features:

  • This kid’s ride-on excavator is pedal-powered, meaning your kid gets exercise while playing on it. Besides, the toy doesn’t depend on any power system.
  • Kids will enjoy playing with the two working buckets. They can use it to dig, load, and cart sand, dirt, and toys wherever they like.
  • It has a manual operated hoe and ladder. The backhoe digger has a stabilizer foot and safety latch. The fully functional front loader quickly scoops large piles of sand, dirt, or snow.
  • It’s possible to add accessories like plows and trailers to the front and back hitches.
  • The integrated front loader is easy to use. It has a built-in safety feature that keeps the loader upright. Releasing the safety features lets your baby move the arms up and down and tilt the bucket.
  • The rubberized dual tread oversized wheels provide perfect traction on rough gravel, fine sand, or bare concrete. The deep side grooves dig into the loose ground. And the rubberized center stripe gives a good grip on slick surfaces. The concealed chain system is for safety reasons.
  • The seat can be adjusted to two positions to accommodate growing kids and protects from possible tipping.
  • The tractor’s seat can accommodate 75lbs and is 16.5″ from the ground. However, the backhoe’s seat carries 50 lbs and is 14″ from the ground.


This amazing CAT construction pedal tractor from Rolly Toys is perfect for 3-6-year-old builders at home. Plus, it’s not just a rider toy but exercises and entertains kids for hours. Besides, the loader is safely kept upright when not in use.


  • Large size with a functional weight capacity
  • Adjustable seat for more extended use
  • Front and back hitches
  • Pedal-powered to give kids exercise
  • Dual thread system rubber wheels


  • Complaints of cracked loader arms
  • Complaints of difficulty in pedaling

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4. Reeves International Sandbox Excavator – Perfect Sand Digger with Poles

With the Reeves International Roll Ride-On working excavator, kids will love turning their backyard into a construction site. It’s the perfect backyard sandbox excavator with its 360 degrees swivel, and dig, scoop and dump actions.

Key Features:

  • It is perfect to use to scoop sand at the beach, playground, or backyard. It can be used in all seasons, even for scooping up snow.
  • The two-handed digging and dumping action help improve a baby’s motor skills. It also stimulates real-life construction worker’s actions, to give kids a realistic, hands-on working experience.
  • The construction toy can dig sand, dirt, and snow to a maximum depth of 15″. The fully extendable crane can also reach a further depth of 33″.
  • The ride-on has a metal body but has a plastic 360 degrees contoured swivel seat. Balancing on the swivel seat improves your kid’s core muscle strength.
  • The double rubber wheels provide for a broad base with added stability, especially necessary while moving backward and forward.


The Reeves International Sandbox Excavator is perfect for both boys and girls aged 3+. It keeps them occupied outdoors and helps improve their motor skills and hand and eye coordination. I especially liked that it’s an all-season construction toy that scoops up both sand and snow.


  • Encourages kids to play outdoors
  • Perfect for girls and boys aged 3+
  • Maximum weight limit is 110 lbs
  • Improves kids’ hand/eye coordination
  • A durable all-metal construction toy
  • Reasonable price and easy to assemble 


  • Complaints about the lack of some parts
  • The bucket may break within a few months

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5. POCO DIVO Digger ScooterDurable 3-in-1 Grabber

If your kid loves to pretend playing then the Poco Divo ride-on excavator will entertain them for hours. It’s perfect for kids looking for an indoor ride-on solution.

Key Features:

  • The manual arm and grabber are suitable for picking up toys and lightweight things while cleaning or pretending to play.
  • There’s a rotational driver’s cab with a full backrest for additional stability.
  • Raising or depressing the handle makes the arm move up or down.
  • Fastening a rope at the bottom turns the excavator into a pulling cart while pulling the metal pole makes it a digger.
  • Switch on the power, and kids love the different sounds and flashing lights, the buttons, and music on the steering wheel emit.
  • The under-seat storage space carries a three pc garden stool set. It can also carry anything else like beach accessories.
  • The construction toy helps build your baby’s physical and learning skills. There are no batteries involved, so your kids push it around, have fun, and get their exercise.


The POCO DIVO Digger Scooter is the perfect toy for builder kids with a vivid imagination. It’s especially useful for those with limited outdoor space, and need an indoor ride-on toy.

It can be used as an excavator, pulling cart or scooter. And while it’s not for older kids, it’s perfectly safe for smaller kids aged 2-5 years old.


  • Easy to assemble in just 20 minutes
  • Antiskid designed tires for a better grip
  • Carries a maximum weight of 45 lbs
  • Perfect for kids aged 2-5 years
  • The hook pulls things


  • Not meant for bigger kids
  • Complaints of the scooper snapping off

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Boy on a toy tractor

How to Choose the Best Ride-On Digger Toys – Buyer’s Guide

We do agree that construction toys can keep kids engaged for long hours, both indoors and outdoors. The playing experience it offers is incomparable to any other gadget.

Besides, there are pedal-powered toys that are safer for younger toddlers, and they also offer some exercise. The electric, battery powered ride on excavators, however, entertain older kids for hours.

Most importantly, these toys offer the additional benefit of developing a kid’s excellent motor skills. They help improve your kid’s visual-spatial skills and also improve their reasoning, logical, and problem-solving skills.

However, with so many construction toys available, knowing the features to look out for will help you select the right excavator toy for your kid.

1. Base stability

Parents always want their kids to feel safe and comfortable riding their toys. So we suggest looking for a ride on with an extended base area, which enhances base stability. A stable base helps your kid maintain the necessary balance even when they make 360-degree turns.

 2. Durable body and construction

After spending so much for a ride on, I wanted something that lasted more than a few months! So look for something strong and durable, like a ride-on with massive metallic buckets and joints with huge bolts.

The arms and bucket should preferably be of heavy-duty steel and huge nuts, bolts, and washers for added durability.

3.  Maximum weight capacity

Each kid’s ride-on excavator has its weight capacity. So make sure you check the toy’s maximum weight capacity to ensure it can carry your toddler’s weight. We suggest buying something with a higher load capacity so that kids can use it for some time.

4.  Material

When it comes to material, the ideal ride on is one with an anti-rusting surface. It prevents frame corrosion, so look for something in stainless steel or at least with a powder-coated finish.

5.  Types of construction toys

There are two main types of excavator toys-pedal or battery-powered ones.

The pedal versions work just like a bicycle where your kid has to use their legs to move the tractor. They thus end up not only enjoying the toy but also get a great workout. It also helps improve their balance and motor skills. However, they don’t have a motor and are thus a cheaper option.

In the case of a battery-powered excavator toy, there’s no need for your baby to do any pedaling. It, in turn, means your kid may enjoy the ride on for a longer period because they don’t get so tired quickly.

A battery-powered ride-on is more expensive because of its motor. However, the increased speed these battery-powered tractors give makes it a better choice for older kids.

6.  Controls

Ride-on digger toys are controlled either through a steering wheel or levers. Steering wheels improve your kid’s motor skills and help them manage the construction toy’s moving direction.

Some kids may like a ride-on with a steering wheel. However, levers move different tractors parts while improving the baby’s hand and eye coordination and letting them make 180-degree turns.

7.  Balance 

With ride toys having a rocking or movable design, we suggest you check its balance before buying it. You can get a feel of how evenly distributed the weight and stability is by pushing it back and forth, and sidewards. You wouldn’t want to take the unnecessary risk of your kid tipping over an uneven toy!

8.  Safety features 

Safety is always important with ride-on digger toys because your kid will be sitting atop it. This is why some construction toys have safety features like safety belts or accelerator check.

It’s worth investing in safety accessories like helmets and safety latches that will protect your kid and give you peace of mind. However, many parents agree that just these safety features are not enough. We, in fact, suggest kids having adult supervision while riding these toys.

Your supervision is the best safety feature for ride-on toys for toddlers! Toddlers are too young to be left alone because they are still working on their balance and coordination skills.

 9.  Additional features

Some kids’ ride-on excavators have other useful features that offer better functions and fun. For example, some of them have large textured wheels that let your kid easily play on any surface.

We suggest you look for construction toys with adjustable seat positions. It lasts longer because it can be adjusted to accommodate your growing kid for a more extended period.

father plays with kids excavator

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.  Are safety belts a necessity on ride on excavator toys?

Yes, they do need safety belts because most ride-on construction toys can reach speeds of 6mph. Of course, your toddler may not get tossed out, but they are anyway used to, and won’t mind wearing safety belts.

Besides, making them wear a safety belt would help them develop a safe habit of buckling up when inside moving vehicles.

2.  What is the speed of ride-on digger toys?

The minimum speed of construction toys is about 2mph, just as fast as brisk walking. While it may be too slow for aspiring drivers, it’s enough for a kid’s first car.

The slow speed helps them control and steer the ride-on safely and better. You can, however, look for a ride-on with a maximum speed of 6-8 mph for experienced preschool kids.

3.  Who is automatic braking in ride-on toys meant for?

Automatic braking is better for a ride-on for younger kids aged 2-7. These toys have a single pedal to control speed and for braking. All your kid has to do is lift her foot from the accelerator for the toy to stop automatically.

This a sensible feature because toddlers are too young to coordinate accelerating and braking. However, older kids aged seven and above don’t require automatic braking because they can manage two handles.

4.  Is it safe to use basic battery powered ride on excavators outside?

It all depends on the toy and baby. Most kids quickly got bored of riding indoors and soon wanted to take it outdoors. However, ride on digger toys meant for 2-4-year-olds usually have a maximum of 6mph speed. That’s not enough power for outdoor driving, especially if there’s an uphill pavement in the surroundings.

So we suggest buying an excavator toy which kids can use both indoors and outdoors. Toys with two-speed options are useful for babies to power up when climbing uphill.

We, however, suggest letting your kid drive outdoors only if it’s safe outdoors like a residential area with minimal traffic. And it’s better to let your kid play outdoors only after they master driving at a slower speed.

boy drives plastic truck toy car

What We Love about Ride-On Digger Toys

Many people think that construction toys only help make a kid builder’s dream a reality. While this is true, it also has its share of benefits:

1.  Improves a kid’s balance and coordination 

Construction toys help toddlers improve their balance and coordination. It is a vital benefit for toddlers because the improved stability helps them when it comes to learning to walk.

2.  Develops sensory and motor skills

Most of the battery-powered ride on excavators come with various interactive features. Kids love pressing the buttons and honking horns, which also stimulates their sensory skills while developing motor skills.

3.  Improves a kid’s core strength

Kids need to take some time to get used to playing with ride-on digger toys. However, once they do get used to it, you will find a marked improvement in their core strength.

4.  Makes kids play while bringing out their creativity

We feel that this is the most significant benefit construction toys offer because even today’s toddlers are absorbed in mobile phones. The chance of pretending to play, and bringing out their creativity, is enough reason to make kids want to play with them.

Besides, it was while navigating the toy and scooping up things that he also learned to create out-of-the-box solutions to problems. Lastly, there are also pedal construction toys that give kids exercise while they have fun!

Final Thoughts

Ride-on digger toys are entertaining and let kids pretend to play for hours. We compared more than 15 models to find that the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader is the best option with lots of perks.

It’s battery-powered, has two-speed levels, and even an additional reverse mode. The durable high traction 4WD excavation wheels not only operate on most terrains but are also safe. The construction toy even comes with a charger for its 12V rechargeable battery.

Jerry is a former motorcycle mechanic. He’s dedicated his life to nuts and bolts of two- and four-wheelers. Pottering around in the garage - that’s, Jerry claims, the best way to spend all evening long. Currently, Jerry Kidd is a consultant at CFMOTO dealer in Chicago, IL, that offers high-performance ATVs and UTVs. The company has been serving for more than 30 years to provide its customers of all ages with heavy-duty vehicles.

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