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Fischer Price ATVs for Kids: Top Models’ Review

For decades, Fischer Price has been one brand that most parents and kids agree on. This toy brand has been revolutionary in bringing out those colorful, interactive toys and play materials that help children develop intelligence while having fun. Fischer Price is famous for their ATVs for kids as well. Here we have a number of the top models of ATVs from the brand for those interested parents, who might find it helpful to choose the right one for their children.

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX with Monster Traction™

Available in pretty pink and mighty red colors, this ATV is one powerful ride for beginners in particular. If you are looking for a birthday gift for your 5-year old, other than those gadgets that are gluing him/her to a screen outside the real world, this is one smart place to invest. This off-road ATV is perfect for any kind of backyard driving, including mud, gravel, grass, stones, and whatnot.

The wheels are rugged enough to face those surfaces and there is the brake and speed control system between 2.5 mph and 5 mph, the latter one for a little more experienced riders. The price below $300 makes it an even better deal. The monster traction allows it to keep moving where other ATVs might t stuck.

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Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

This is another version of the aforementioned model, and also perfect for beginners. This basic ATV for kids offers realistic experiences, like it claims, and is a budget yet high-performing one for the kids.

There are two variants, one with black and the other with chrome accents; both will go best with boys, but girls will love them too. It has a twist-grip throttle to increase the speed, which lets the kid have the feel of a real ATV. It is a cute yet safe ride to enjoy in the backyard, or even on family picnics. The options which include the reverse gear in that price can be a sensible

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Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force Camo

Here we have another best-seller under the brand’s Power Wheels line. The Kawasaki engine makes these the pro-vehicle for sure. Kids who are fascinated by the armed forces will surely love the camouflage graphics. Parents can take it to bigger outdoor areas, especially to camps for the children to ride and enjoy.

The Monster Traction™ boosts up the all-terrain experience. Most parents who already purchased this ATV are pleased with the durability and performance of the vehicle. This is one utility ride which parents expecting a little more from their kids’ ATVs can put their money.

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Power Wheels Jurassic World

An ATV with the accents of a T. Rex and the power of a monster traction; what more could a kid want to have the best gift ever? This ATV from the brand is surely a heartthrob, with some amazing features that children will love and enjoy. Built for children of 3 years and up, it makes a pretty good option for parents who are looking for a long shot in a budget!

Barbie Dune Racer

This is the perfect ride for those “pretty in pink” princesses. Nobody said only cars’ and monsters’ fans can have a suitable ATV – Barbie lovers can have their own one too! Designed for the little riders, this one has gorgeous colors with two seats, all at an affordable price to complete that fuschia-themed playroom!

Fisher-Price Stinger XS Car

This is another 2-seater 12v BPRO ride, just like the previous model mentioned, for the jolly beginner riders. No matter what the size is, its power ride includes monster traction for a true all-terrain experience, and the extra seat makes play-dates fun and safe since the seats have seatbelts too! This is also a budget-friendly item.

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Power Wheels Dune Racer

This is one of the bestsellers the brand has for beginning riders. The cool colors make it perfect for kids with different preferences. The tires are big enough with rugged texture and monster traction, too. It offers 2.5 mph speed both in forward and reverses and is a sensible investment too!

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Power Wheels Fisher-Price Red Arctic Cat Ride On

Last but not least, this is one perfect pick for the little perfectionists. This ATV has dazzling colors and all-terrain features that will help them have a safari-like experience right in the backyard. The exclusiveness makes it a bit of an expensive bargain too, but the price is well worth it.

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Hope this overview was useful, but please always remember about the safety gear. Your kid should always wear an ATV helmet.

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  1. Thanks for nice review. I really like Fischer Price kids ATVs but I own Polaris Sportsman 850 and would like to buy my son a small copy of Polaris too. I’m thinking about Polaris Outlaw atv by Peg Perego. What would you suggest? He’s 6 now.

    • Hey Joshua,
      Thanks, I’m happy if my site helped you somehow.
      Both Fischer Price and Peg Perego offer great four-wheelers for kids and if this is not going to be a birthday surprise for your son or something like that then I would recommend asking him which one he likes more. My son is 7 and his favorite ATV is Razor Dirt Quad . This is really powerful and cool ride-on toy.
      Happy riding!

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