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10 Best Christmas Gifts for Boys

Time always passes so fast, and Christmas will come before you even know it! So it’s high time to start shopping and hunting a magnificent Christmas gift for boys. Start seeking for a present beforehand is a good point as you have enough time to think over what your kids might desire most. 

You know that popular stuffed toys and remote controlled cars are not going to surprise the young generation now. Kids are not interested in dust collectors and not-upgradable games anymore. It’s not easy for parents to choose the very one toy that their kids might use more than once. But don’t worry, we have prepared for you a review of 10 brand new entertaining toys been tested on kids’ love and happiness.

1. Hoverboard

A raucous self-balancing toy is getting more and more widespread through people of all ages. Fortunately, a wide range of popular hoverboards allows choosing an electric toy according to your wishes and needs. Therefore, these two-wheelers that run on batteries can be supplied with wireless speakers, so you can enjoy your ride listening to your favorite music. Just connect your phone to the board through WiFi like with speakers. And if it’s not enough, switch on LED lights on the wheels to be in the spotlight.

In terms of safety, choose UL certified hoverboards as they meet UL-2272 “Standard for Safety” requirements.

It was tested that hoverboards are easy to get used to riding on, so it’s an excellent Christmas gift for boys of all ages.

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2. Kick Scooter

If your son is into riding, a new scooter is a perfect Christmas gift for boys then. Again, you can find a ride-on toy for every taste and age. For instance, kick scooters are the best choice for small boys. Wide deck and big tires make your kids’ ride smooth and comfy. It usually comes with adjustable handlebars so the scooter will grow up with your boy. For little beginners, 3-Wheels kick scooters are offered to maintain balance and learn how to ride.

For more confident riders, there are electric scooters that usually come with removable seats. They are faster and more durable than kick scooters but more expensive as well. Most of them can be speed controlled to make sure your kid rides safe.

No matter which ride-on toy you are going to make your boy happy with, don’t forget about protective gear. Use a solid helmet and gloves while riding to avoid injuries. Because everybody wants to get positive Christmas memories only!

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3. Nerf Gun

Let’s the battle begin! Now your kids’ favorite shooter game is easy to live out! Just take a blaster, bring your friends and enjoy elimination shoot-off adventure with a Nerf gun. It comes in two different colors so the teams can be easily split up into red and blue ones. By the way, these guns are fully motorized, that’s why the shot is fast and clean. And it means you should buy batteries as well.

The pack includes 100 rounds that can be easily reloaded, and it’s quite enough for a long-lasting unforgettable team play.

Importantly, Nerf Guns are not recommended for small boys because of high impact rounds. Anyway, use a face mask to protect your eyes and feel free to warm up this Christmas.

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4. PlayStation

Boys can never have too many games, right? Consoles are getting more and more popular, and the variety of gaming hits is much wider than on PC.

In fact, Sony is one of the most popular trusted console industries that offers innovative, entertaining technologies. While we are waiting for PS5, PS4 is now on the top of the market. Great design, large storage, an endless list of games will add more fun and excitement into the winter holidays. Also, there are lots of extra stylish editions so your kid can get a unique gift with Spider-Man or Fortnite design.

Split-screen mode and high screen resolution allow you to play with dearest and nearest sitting together and sharing the fun.

The recent released PlayStation VR is a game-changing gadget that adds more buzz and reality. Connected to PS4, all you need is a quite spacious room to feel free acting as the main character in a game.

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5. Headphones

In the era of gadgets, movies, and music, headphones are a must-have piece of technology that everybody should get. And it’s a common thing if your kids have a few of them for a different purpose: games, music, sport, etc. The more, the better. In fact, boys prefer gaming headphones as they are somewhat adjustable, comfy, and the quality is better than earphones, for instance.

HyperX brand is a #1 best-selling headset company that provides durable classy gaming products. They offer multi-platform headphones compatible with all popular devices. That means your boy can use them to listen to his favorite music on his way home and then plug it into a PC or console with no probs.

Moreover, most headphones come with a micro so you can communicate with friends quickly and manage the voice chat. And with a thick padded memory foam headset, there are no troubles to be distracted during a significant fight.

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6. Lego Kit

No doubt, Lego is a highly popular evergreen Christmas gift for boys of all ages. Most importantly, the kit can both entertain and educate a kid. In fact, it improves motor skills as it exercises little fingers sorting small objects. Lego also levels up your creativity as your boy can use the same set building up various buildings, vehicles, and even the entire Lego city! Thus, kids experience working with different shapes, colors, and styles.

 There are huge brick boxes available that contain a significant number of details, and the number of models is limited with your imagination only. For those who like to follow the strict instructions, there are kits of a specific model like cars, robots, animals, and others.

 For example, here’s a Lego Chevrolet Corvette Kit, a 2-in-1 building bundle that is compatible with other sets. This exciting process of sports racing car recreating is going to blow you away.

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7. Train Set

If you remember any of the Christmas movies, you’ll recall kids always playing with trains. So why not recreate this beautiful tradition in real life?

Linoel offers a Polar Express electric train set that includes a locomotive, tender, coach cars, observation car, toy figures, and track sections. And it’s not just a toy train, it comes with a remote control connected via Bluetooth. There is also an app for iOS and Android users that you can use to manage your ride. Add more action and fun switching on smoke, bell, and whistle. Another joyful feature is announcements voiced by Tom Hanks calling out “All aboard.”

Everything is greatly detailed, adding more magic into the Christmas atmosphere. It will be a good present for the whole family as the train station is really huge.

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8. Drone

Technology is moving on upgrading and bringing new devices like drones. Recently they were used for military purposes only, but now this gadget is well known all over the world.

So what’s the point to get a drone as a Christmas gift for boys?

First, your boy can learn aerodynamics, how to manage the smooth flight and avoid crushes. For example, Holy Stone drones have altitude hold function that helps you to keep the gadget straight at a certain height.

Second, if your boy likes flying the drone, that might be his first step into engineering or electronics. There are lots of programming classes for kids that teach you how to program robots, so it can be the next step. As s result, a little hobby might lead to high potential.

Finally, most modern drones are supplied with a camera, so it’s a great tool to take beautiful photos or videos from the air. After purchasing, you can make up an uncommon Christmas family photoshoot with a picturesque background!

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9. Programmable T-Rex

All boys like robots and dinosaurs, so they would definitely love a huge robotic T-Rex! And it’s not just a toy, it can be programmed to act like a real pet. Meccano offers to build up a 3 feet long buddy from 700+ pieces, so your kid will try his constructing skills with pleasure. Because the result will be impressive! Don’t worry, the pack contains instructions and special tools that make the process super easy.

After you program the dino, enjoy the performance! T-Rex can respond to petting, he loves being brought to the attention. If it feels danger, this brave guard will protect his owner. Moreover, if you are bored or want to share your secrets, T-Rex is a good listener, and he will respond to your Yes/No questions.

Besides, dino parts are compatible with other Meccano pieces, so feel free to create more and more friends.

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10. Kids Beginner Microscope Kit

A great choice for those parents who want to show their kids that studying can be fun. AmScope Kit is a full set for beginners that consists of a microscope and 50+ extras. It comes in a robust carrying box, so you don’t have to worry about where to keep the small objects and how not to lose them all.

That’s a great start to discover the world that surrounds us. The microscope provides six levels of high magnification: 120x, 240X, 300X, 480X, 600X, and 1200X. It comes with a reflecting mirror for natural light and built-in LED light.

The lens quality is enough for young scientists to discover their world around. Also, apart from blank slides, there is a ready to go experiment that will surprise you and change your opinion about science in a better way, no doubt!

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are lots of great ideas on what to prepare for Christmas. But the main point, it should be given from the bottom of your heart and soul. No matter what you decide to purchase, show your kids how much you love them! And on this occasion, Kids ATV Sale team wishes you a happy and warm Christmas. Be healthy and wealthy!

Jerry is a former motorcycle mechanic. He’s dedicated his life to nuts and bolts of two- and four-wheelers. Pottering around in the garage - that’s, Jerry claims, the best way to spend all evening long. Currently, Jerry Kidd is a consultant at CFMOTO dealer in Chicago, IL, that offers high-performance ATVs and UTVs. The company has been serving for more than 30 years to provide its customers of all ages with heavy-duty vehicles.

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