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10 Best Christmas Gifts for Girls

Nobody is waiting for Christmas holidays so much but girls. Looking for the best gift is pretty demanded, as every year you want to surprise your kid. We’re here to help you choose the best Christmas gift for girls from the top 10 popular presents or even more than one.

1. Unicorn String Art Kit

If your kid loves art, this kit would be a great Christmas gift for girls! In fact, string art is a brand new DIY technology that you would like it at once. It’s very easy to take up because all you need is a wooden board, nails and color strings! For those who don’t know what to start from, Craft-tastic offers a ready-to-go kit. This set includes two different patterns: a picturesque heart and a cute unicorn! Follow the instructions and make up beautiful pictures with foam canvases and rainbow thread. When you get inspired after trying several kits, you will be able to share and come up with your creative ideas from scratch.

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2. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Crayola tracing pad is a mix of an old school drawing board and modern e-technologies. No doubt that would be a cool gift if your girl is into drawing, and you’d like to develop her skills. The pad comes with a full set of a graphite pencil, 12 color pencils, 10 tracing sheets with 100+ pictures, and 10 blank sheets. But if it’s not enough, you can easily print your own templates.

Besides, there’s a paper holder to avoid a sheet sliding around. It comes with LED lighting so you can draw in the evening with no troubles. Your kid doesn’t need to use a computer screen anymore, bothering you, this device will bring more fun and inspiration.

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3. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pack Egg

In fact, Hatchimals is an all known cartoon and toys for girls of 5+ ages. Its collection of hatching eggs is getting updated over and over. Here is a 12 eggs pack of neon characters. Why not decorate a Christmas tree with these funny buddies as Christmas lights? Add more fun and style to your holidays. But first, you have to take care of them properly. Rub the heart on the egg till it turns into pink. That means it’s high time to crack the shell and get your new friend out!

So enjoy having fun with your friends playing with Hatchimals, storing them in a cozy easy-to-go egg carton. Place them on the light spot and watch them shine.

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4. ALEX Spa Hair Chalk

Christmas is a long-awaited holiday, so why not get dressed up for a celebrating. When your girl is too young to dye her hair, but she wants a new hairstyle, using hair chalk is a good first step.

Alex Toys offers a great Christmas gift for girls that includes 5 color chalk pens, 24 beads, a beading tool, and 24 hair elastics. The set fits any color of hair; the chalk is easily applied on dry hair. In a few days just wash your head with a shampoo to clean it up and try another style on. There are two different packs: basic colors and metallic to look bright or shine.

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5. Dimple Princess Vanity Set

Every princess wishes her own dressing table for accessories and makeup. So here it is! Dimple creates a perfect Christmas gift for girls that comes with 16 different accessories: a mirror, bracelets, rings, comb, lipstick, and many others. While you are getting your look ready, turn the music on or play the piano implemented into a table to give it a buzz. Switch the lights on to be in the spotlight!

In addition, it takes just a few minutes to assemble the Dimple set so your girl can play just right away after handing. That is a great chance to get yourself dressed up and your friends as well.

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6. Glitter Tattoo Set

Girls are into trying new looks again and again. And wearing tattoos can make your style more vibrant and memorable. Getting a real tattoo is too early, so try temporary ones first. The Glitter tattoo set includes everything you need for body art: 12 shiny jars, 30 templates, 6 brushes, 12 face paints, and 12 foam sponges. Using this kit with non-toxic color paints, you are ready for any costume party.

In addition, the tattoos stay up to 7 days, so your girl will enjoy the fun for a while. No doubt that it would be a cool Christmas gift for girls as you can create a unique look celebrating the holidays.

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7. Barbie Dream House

No doubt, everybody wants her own toy house! Let’s make your girl’s wishes come true. Enjoy having fun with a fully detailed three-storied pink house with a working elevator for your favorite lady. It comes with 70+ accessories supplied with lots of sound and action effects! So it’s not just a plastic building; it’s a vibrant living place for a trendy Barbie. Your girl will spend a long time exploring every inch of the house and creating a wow design.

Besides, if your doll has a car, don’t worry, there is a working garage where to park it in a safe place. Are your girls into having a party? Great, because there’s a swimming pool included for you and your best friends.

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8. KidKraft Corner Play Kitchen

Play kitchen is a delightful Christmas gift for girls who are fond of cooking. KidKraft comes up with a great stylish kit that includes everything you need in the kitchen. These are a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher, all is easy to open and close. The sounds from the Light-up burners and ice maker make the cooking process more realistic.

The space for playing is quite good even for two girls because of 42.5 x 32.5 x 36.8 inches dimensions. There’s also enough room for storing your food and serving the dishes. In addition, it comes with a phone as a playing piece to add more fun.

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9. Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz Electric Car

For bigger girls who enjoy driving, we’d like to offer an electric car. The pinky design is highly detailed and seems like a real Mercedes car! It’s also ok for small kids of 1-3 years old, because of the remote control. Parents can easily choose a limit from 3 speeds, so don’t worry about the girl’s driving.

The Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz Electric Car comes with a seat belt and double lockable doors to improve the safety. If you want to take it while traveling, no probs, as there’s a handle bar and 2 small wheels at the back. Add more buzz driving with FM radio and turning on the lights.

Check out more electric vehicle offers in our thorough review.

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10. Nintendo Switch

Not only boys like playing console games but many girls too. No doubt, it’s one of the most popular Christmas gifts for girls to have fun with a whole family. A list of games is endless, and it’s always getting updated so this gift will last for years.

Nintendo Switch is a well-known brand new gaming system that transforms into different styles. If you’re in, just plug it into your TV and enjoy the full-screen adventure. If you’re out, switch it into a handheld mode. The Joy Cons are detachable so you could share one with a friend to play together. In fact, the battery life is up to 9 hours in a row, it’s fairly enough to spend a whole day having fun.

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Final Thoughts

So choosing a perfect Christmas gift for girls can be fun and cheerful because of a huge variety. But there is nothing better than giving love and happiness to our beautiful girls! 

And if you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for boys as well, check out our list of the most popular presents.

Stay warm and cozy these blessed holidays surrounded by dearest and nearest. Kids ATV Sale wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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