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Top Razor Go-Karts Review

Over the years, playing with go-karts has been emerging as a great pastime for children. Go-karting is an established American habit, with both kids and adults loving it equally. Kid’s designed go-karts are normally made of a sturdy frame with electric battery packs that make them heavy and hard for the unit to topple. They have a low center of gravity rendering them safer for children to drive. They are easy to master and control.

Here is a review of the top 5 Kid’s Go-karts Manufactured by Razor.

About Razor

Razor USA is a privately owned limited liability company that was established in June 2000. It is based in Cerritos, CA and it holds exclusive rights to the Razor brand.

In addition to its unique kid’s go-karts collections, a razor is the manufacturer of multiple high-quality kid’s toys including scooters like E200, E100, E300, which are fully electric. In addition, Razor is the manufacturer of other kid toys such as Dirt Rocket, Pocket Mold, Pocket Rocket,  + Ground force, and more. Here is a review of the top 5 go-karts from Razor.

Ground Force Go-Kart

Key Features:

This go-kart is ideal for kids of 8 years and above. And it comes with the following features:

  • Aluminum wheels and four and a half-inch tires help it cruise smoothly and quietly wherever it goes.
  • Speeds up to 12.0 mph, making it the perfect go-kart for cruising around cul de sac or flat trails.
  • The speed chain is powered by two 12.0 volts batteries, which gives 45 minutes of the active drive on a single recharge.
  • It features hand-controlled accelerator and handbrake that make operating it so easy.
  • 29 x 16 x 41 inches ground force support drivers weighing up to 140 pounds.
  • Ninety-day warranty.

The buyer has to assemble the unit, but the required tools and an instructional manual are included. It is good to note that this go-kart is designed to run in controlled environments and not on public streets.

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Razor Dune Buggy

Key Features:

The Razor Dune Buggy is the ultimate electric motor powered off-road go-kart. It comes with the following features:

  • Designed to carry weights of up to 120.0lbs and it can speed up to 9.0 mph.
  • It features a Dune Buggy’s uniquely designed reduction drive that is perfect for lower torque navigation and off-loading.
  • It’s fitted with 8” knobby tires and big bucket seats that support smooth and quiet riding.
  • This go-kart is perfect for children of 8 years and above.

Caretakers and parents enjoy the side roll cage, which creates a barricade between the outside and the rider. Its back seat is padded and it comes with a seatbelt for extra security. Its full electric design is arguably its coolest feature; it is eco-friendly, runs quietly, and is easy to charge. Other features that come attached include active rear suspension, diamond plate floorboards, 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires, hand throttle, safety flag, brake controls, and rear disc brake.

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Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Key Features:

An upgrade from the celebrated Ground force, Razor brings you the updated Ground Force Drifter which is fully electric powered. This Go-kart comes with the following features:

  • Design to bring to your home the fun of pro tracks and go-kart racing in a drifter fashion.
  • Super slick rear wheels and race-tuned chassis easily make you your neighborhood drift king. It is designed with the need to make fast 180’s and power slide through corners and fish tales in mind.
  • It features sturdy steel construction, aluminum wheels, and Razor has updated its rear axle to give it enhanced maneuverability steering. With its thumb trigger acceleration control, variable speed and hand run a rear brake, this go-kart gives the driver optimal drift control.
  • Razor has also updated its drifter wheels to use molded aluminum wheels with rubber tires and slider POM rear wheels.

What more, if you are out looking to buy a Kart that gives top speed, Razor ground force drifter kart offers you one of the best bet. It can speed up to 12 miles per hour. With thumb trigger acceleration, hand-operated rear brake, and variable speed gives the drivers optimal drifting control. It is suitable for kids of 8 years and above.

To summarize, its variable-speed motor is powered by 2-twelve-volt batteries which give about 40 minutes of active driving on a single charge. In addition, other features that come with this go-kart include a flag, steel frame, and a durable bucket seat with included shoulder seat strap. It is also designed to support drivers of up to 140 pounds with an awesome 3 months warranty.

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Razor Crazy Cart

Key Features:

Razor Crazy Cart allows you to spin, drift and drive like a pro. It also comes with a patented drift system that enables drivers to change the rear caster angle. So they can drive and drift sideways, backward, diagonally, forward or all other angles in between. Here is the following features:

  • The featured drift bar allows up to 360 degrees steering capability for variable speed foot pedal acceleration and tight turns.
  • Reaches up to 12 miles per hour, and the battery can give up to 40 minutes of continuous use.
  • It has a pneumatic front tire and anti-topple front caster wheels.

In addition, other features that come with this car include a flag, shoulder strap. And also 2-twelve volt sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system with a charger. Therefore, it is ideal for kids of 9 years and above and it will support a driver of up to 140 pounds. So the buyer and driver of Crazy go-kart are responsible for knowing and following all local, federal regulations, and local rules regarding riding of Razor electric vehicles.

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Razor Deluxe Crazy Cart

Key Features:

  • Brodie knob steering, vertically Mountain drift bar extensions, and full-sized front caster wheels
  • Two drive modes: go-cart or crazy cart
  • Control back end drifts with the patented drift bar
  • Recommended for ages 9 and up; supports riders up to 140 pounds
  • The battery will last up to 40 minutes

Razor Deluxe Crazy Cart drives forward, sideways, backward, diagonally and all other angles in between. It has two main features that set it apart from other go-karts within its price range and size:

  • Unique drive system supports maneuvering even when riding on the sharpest corners.
  • Its upgraded drift bar helps it power through drifts in a way that gives optimal driving experiences.

In short, Deluxe Crazy helps one hit 350 degrees turns and tight air spaces like a professional rider. In addition, it offers flexible maneuvering. The cart turns in multiple places and pivots, making it great for tight spaces. In addition, its full-size caster wheels offer enhanced handling. So it is ideal for kids of up to 140.0lb in weight.

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Razor Crazy Cart XL

Key Features:

This is the ultimate drifting go-kart. In fact, Razor says it grew out of the rising demand for an adult capacity version of its award-winning Crazy Cart. It’s a full-size drift go-kart for children. There are the most stunning elements include:

  • Razor’s patented drift system enables the driver to alter the rear caster angle. So you can drift or drive forward, diagonally, backward or any angle in between.
  • Drift bars allow drivers up to 360-degree steering capability, pneumatic front tires, up to 40 minutes of an active drive on a single charge, the variable speed foot pedal that accelerates up to 17 miles per hour, and anti-topple front caster.
  • A flag and three 12.0-volt batteries.

In summary, it’s perfect for children of 16 years and above and it will support drivers of up to 240 pounds. It should be noted that buyers of crazy cart XL are responsible for observing state regulations regarding the riding and use of Razor electric vehicles and scooters.

In conclusion, if you are out seeking to buy your kid a go-kart, click any of the above models. The links will direct you to the best price deals available. You will enjoy the purchase.

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