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pedal go-kart
Why Pedal Go-Kart Is The Best Choice for Kids Under 10

What is Pedal Go-Kart? A pedal go-kart or go-cart is a small, non-suspension, four-wheeled vehicle whose power source is foot pedals which the rider or riders pedal like a bicycle. Pedal go-karts may be pedaled as fast as the operator’s legs will power it. On a downhill track, this can be ...

9 Safety Tips for Kids riding Pedal Go-Kart

While pedal go-karting is a relatively safe sport of kids, it is still not without its hazards. The majority of go-kart injuries are head trauma.  Neck trauma is a close second.  These injuries are caused by flipping karts or driving them through obstructions like track railings or low hanging ...

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