Why Safety Gears for Kids Riding Four-Wheeler are Extremely Important?

A small four-wheeler ride-on for a kid is a new experience of investigating and perceiving a surrounding world. The key factor of this engaging outdoor leisure is safety (read, safety gear). All the mini ATVs for kids are designed with safety features as the vehicles perform extreme stability on the hard ground and grass, develop rather low speed and are moved with pushing a button which stops the vehicle each time it is released.

Nevertheless, there are chances of a collision, crash and unexpected emergencies the aftereffects of which could be really severe especially when it goes about more powerful ATVs with gasoline engines as these develop higher speed and perform more danger on the road or terrain.

ATV Safety gears for kids

To avoid all of these the safety gears for mini quads are needed. Properly chosen safety gears will add to the experience of a kid and to the peace of mind of the parents.

Driving the ATV requires proper protection for head, eyes, knees against spills, debris and ground surface or foliage contact. Traditionally the safety gears for ATV driving engage:

  • helmets
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • knee pads
  • shoulder pads
  • chest protectors for a more serious drive

The safety gears for kids are developed with consideration of the age, youngsters’ preferences in style and look and the comfort.

Kids’ Helmets

Kids helmet for ATVA helmet is the most essential and integral piece of safety gears for mini quads one should give utmost attention to before a kid will first investigate the terrain on the ATV. The head injury is most likely in the case of any falling from the mini quad whether it seems harmless or not. The helmets for kids are made of durable plastic that makes them lightweight and rather comfortable for a kid to wear. It should be noted that a helmet must precisely fit the head size of a kid to provide ultimate protection just as poorly fitting helmet will additionally challenge the safety of a kid.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Safety pads for kidsKnee and elbow pads are another sufficient body protection pieces for kids to wear as driving in the backyard of the house may turn not as safe as you might think of it. In case of falling from the ATV these pieces will provide additional cushioning to elbows and knees of a kid and will also perform shock absorbing function apart from protecting knees and elbows from hurting and clothes from tearing.

Chest protector

Chest protector for kids is a must-have for those of youngsters who are going to experience a real off-road drive and make any off-road scene unforgettable. In case of a frontal crash, this piece of safety gear will help to protect the chest from crush or being punctured.

Gloves and Goggles

ATV goggles and gloves for children

Gloves and goggles will give additional protection to the hands and eyes of a kid during riding as getting something in the eye may abruptly stop the ATV control and thus provoke a collision. The goggles do much better than sunglasses. One should take into consideration that a helmet does not cancel the goggles.

Opting for new safety gears one needs to keep in mind that apart from proper protection a kid should feel comfortable wearing all these pieces. That is why the main features of the protective gears are durability, comfort, lightweight of every piece to enhance the experience of a young investigator!

Watch this video where Tennessee 4-H leaders are teaching ATV safety to kids.

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