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Kids ATV VS Go-Kart. Which Ride-On Toy to Choose?

Outdoor recreational activities are an ideal source of entertainment and exercise. Surprisingly today many parents indulge their children in sports activities like auto-motor racing. It is quite common to come across children who’re busy racing down the garden tracks especially since such activities involve sync of the body and mind. Auto-motor sports consisting of various vehicles. Kids ATVs and kids’ go-karts are popular foundations for teaching a child driving skills at an early age.

ATVs and go-karts are an incredible approach towards ensuring an eco-friendly environment. You can check out the benefits of both these motor vehicles. While on one hand, your kids can enjoy the sturdy rumbles of an ATV, on the other hand, they can slip inside a polished go-kart for a quick ride on the track. Both models enclose distinct features but also have their individual pros and cons. If you’re having trouble choosing between 4-wheeler for kids (ATV) and kids’ go-karts, perhaps this simplistic review will help you make the best pick.

Types of ATVs for Kids

ATV which stands for all-terrain vehicles presents an exciting allure that allows kids to enjoy a fresh ride on their quad bikes. Size is a definite asset for manufacturing gas-powered ATVs gripped with safety facets that range from 50cc youth ATVs to 800cc utility ATVs. Popularly used kids ATVs are –

  1. ATV for kids getting started tipsElectric Quads: Basic models of kids ATVs comprise electric quads that are battery-powered however incredibly slow. Toy ATVs that function on battery teach children to steer and maintain their balance while driving. Such ATVs are the ideal junior motor cars that are made available for toddlers. It builds confidence in one’s abilities and focuses on adapting to controlled environments.
  2. 50cc Gas ATV: Once a child has acquired a few skills to handle an ATV, you can switch them over to the 50cc youth models. Children can easily pilot the 50cc gas motor which is lightweight and small. It doesn’t necessarily contain suspension, however, are equipped with a governor that controls speed and handle management. Consisting of a safety kill switch that can be supervised by an adult, you can easily pull the tether to stop the movement of the ATV.
  3. 70cc Gas ATV: This particular type of ATV should be ridden once the child has attained 13 years of age or above. A 90cc gas powered ATV is considered for children who reach 16 years i.e. once they’re old enough to handle suspension control. While a 50cc consists of 4 gears that can travel at 30 mph, the bigger machines have increased attributes. They’re bigger, heavier require more physical strength. 110cc ATVs and beyond are excellent for kids that consist of an automatic motor, electric start system and are available in a range of colors.

Benefits of Kids ATVs

  • ATVs for kids are targeted at improving the cognitive skills of the child from a young age. This pioneering technique of engraving motor control skills within children is an excellent form of turning them into skilled drivers. Available in a range of colors and designs, basic models weigh around 45-75 kg that can run for a maximum speed of 3-7 miles.
  • Electric ATVs for kids is a perfect choice because it is an eco-friendly invention that doesn’t release any harmful pollutants into the air. Since it doesn’t exhaust fumes, it keeps the environment clean and keeps your children happy. The sound system is pleasant and doesn’t release unpleasant, buzzing noises allowing parents and children to communicate easily.
  • ATVs for kids have a powerful and grip efficient framework that requires low maintenance. Being small in size, such vehicles are generally battery powered and reliable. Electric ATVs can be charged at home hence are a cheaper option at hand. They take up less space at home and ensure that the kids can enjoy a safe off-ride experience.

Types of Go-Karts for Kids

While ATVs are a popular choice, go-karts are also becoming increasingly fashionable that serves as an outlet for children to vent off energy and gain driving experience. Cognitive abilities of the child are highly improved through go-karting but before starting it is important to know the specific types found –

  1. Go-Kart for kidsPedal Go-Karts: Comprising of pedals, steering wheel, and excellent grip, this four-wheeled go-kart is ideal for children since it consists of an integrated easy to use skid brake. The ergonomics of the go-kart has been designed to provide the safety that depends upon physical attributes, driving the bike on pedal-powered mechanics.
  2. Electric Go-Karts: Powered by 1 or more batteries, such a type depends upon electric batteries that can be solar powered as well! Having sufficient lead-acid batteries, electric go-karts are pollution-free with precision torque. The speed is sufficient for the kids to control and is of very low maintenance.
  3. Gas Powered Go-Karts: Such types are generally available for children who attain a mature age for handling the motor vehicle. Gas-powered go-karts are costlier, high maintenance and offer a high speed. The durability of these karts is much more than electric that’ll make your kids feel like they’re professional drivers on a racing track!

Benefits of Go-Karts for Kids

It might seem that go-karting is just for fun however it introduces basic driving skills that children can improve and excel at. Go-karting is a sport that is essentially practiced to improve handle management and to learn gear control. For children, the go-karting is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows them to understand sportsmanship. It is an inexpensive form of racing that can introduce progressive skills for a prospective career in auto-motor racing.

Go-karting races improve a child’s reflexes, decision-making skills, and car control. Since go-karts maintain a certain speed, it is a prominent form of understanding orientation and skid turns in a track field. Electric go-karts are eco-friendly, making them an affordable option. If geared with proper safety measures, go karts for kids to offer exciting rides and precise car control management that are necessary to avoid accidents.

Pros & Cons: Kids ATVs VS Kids Go-Karts

The table below shows the pros and cons of ATVs and Go-Karts for kids.

ATVs for Kids


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy base
  • Durable wheels
  • Can be used almost anywhere


  • Accidental cat-walks
  • Heavyweight
  • Slow acceleration

Go-Karts for Kids


  • Lightweight
  • High speed
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly (Electric & Pedal)
  • High power (Gas)


  • Safety issues
  • High maintenance Cost (Gas)
  • Requires flat surface or track to ride


Both vehicles give children the opportunity to exercise their physical and mental capacities and also offer plenty of family time. Research has recorded hundreds of children under the age of 12 years engaging in motorsports where kids ATVs and go-karts are used extensively. It offers an enjoyable experience so whether you choose ATV or a go-kart, remember – both vehicles should be insured with safety equipment like helmets, goggles, and others, to avoid accidents.

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