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How to Choose a Kick Scooter for Kids

Scooters are a fun way for children who cannot drive to get around. They are an alternative to the conventional bicycle; a scooter normally allows the rider to enjoy the ride while getting exercise as well. When looking for a kick scooter for kids, there are several things to take into consideration including:

The Style

Scooters come in various styles such as the tricycle style that has three wheels or the conventional style where the rider keeps both feet on a stand in the middle of the scooter. Conventional kick scooters have two wheels and they are not suitable for youngest kids. Tricycle style scooters are safer and meant for beginners as they provide more stability.

Some kids scooters feature handles that look more like those on bicycle handlebars, while some are fitted with handlebars that project directly from the front post. The two options are equally safe and choosing between them is just a matter of preference.

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Kick scooters for kids are available in multiple sizes. The sizes accommodate specific weight ranges and heights. Kick scooters for children can accommodate weights of up to 50 pounds and are available in aluminum or a combination of plastic and aluminum. Aluminum models are usually more expensive than aluminum-plastic models but they are more durable.

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Ability to Fold

This has much to do with the available space in the household. Where space is limited, it would be advisable to go for a folding scooter which can be stored in smaller spaces. This is contrasted with scooters that come with rigid bodies and therefore, need to be stored in an upright position. However, solid scooter for kids is more durable compared to foldable ones.

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The platform ought to be roughened to prevent slopping. In addition, a scooter with a broader base is better suited for beginners and toddlers as their maneuverability is lower. The length of the platform is also important since the longer the platform the more difficult it is to control the scooter.


Plastic scooters are light and are good for children under two years of age. They are not durable and as such, not a perfect choice especially for children who can already drive actively. A metal scooter would be better suited for children over 3.5 years. The best option is a scooter made of an alloy of aluminum and steel.

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Buy a kid’s kick scooter with handlebars with grips to avoid slipping off the hands. The best handlebars are normally made of foam rubber which absorbs sweat and is comfortable to the hands. Since children are growing fast, it is important to choose a model with an adjustable handlebar position.


Kids Kick scooter models with breaks above the rear wheel are relatively safer than front brakes.

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Availability of accessories and replacement parts

Accessories are another way to add a pop of color or style to a properly working scooter. In some cases, some part on a scooter could wear out requiring replacement.


Children’s kick scooters need to be in bright colors together with reflective elements to make the rider more visible to other road users.

The child’s height

A good scooter for a child is one that is suitable for the height of the child since improper posture is likely to hurt the child.

In conclusion, although there are multiple factors you should consider when buying a kick scooter for your kid, the safety of your children is paramount. As such, the safety of the kick scooter in question should be the main consideration in your purchase decision. We invite you to browse through our site and learn more on the best kid kick scooter option.


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