Gas Powered ATVs for Kids – the New Level of Riding

Parents are responsible for the hobbies and interests their kids adopt. ATV riding is one of the most exciting and engaging outdoor hobbies you can ever perform to a kid. As ATVs are produced of different types and sizes you will easily choose a perfect one for your child.

ATV is a stellar choice for the kids and adolescents as the vehicle helps to develop kid’s special skills, teaches him or her to operate, handle and control driving technique, helps a kid to develop better space orientation skills and introduces him to the world of road, traffic and vehicles.

Kids ATV YamahaModern ATVs for kids are developed mainly of two types. The youngest riders or toddlers will love battery powered ATVs featuring extreme safety and ultimate fun as these vehicles develop rather low speed and provide simple control features and at the same time perform extreme stability on the hard ground and grass.

For the older kids the market offers fuel powered ATVs, providing more extreme off-road drive. These vehicles are bigger than kids battery powered ATVs and require more skills to pilot. The fuel powered ATVs for kids require prior experience of ATV driving to escape the risks such as panic, loss of control and crashing. The bigger vehicles also demand heavier protection or safety gears as these all-terrain vehicles can reach higher speed.

As off-road recreation becomes even more popular each year and the ATV is a perfect choice for a kid to join family vacation in the wild. Fuel powered vehicles perform stability not only on hard grounds and grass but drive stable in the mud, on the sand and rocks, etc.

The youth ATVs are different in size and strength and these are the main features to consider when choosing a quad for a kid as lack of weight of the kid and excessive weight of the vehicle may result in problems with ATV control.

Fuel powered quads for kids are designed smaller and developing lower speed than other types of ATVs. The difference of all-terrain vehicles lies in size of the engine mostly measured in cubic centimeters or CC (thus the smallest engine capacity is 50cc while utility and sport ATVs can go up to 700cc, there are also vehicles going over 1000cc).

Fuel powered ATVs for kids usually come between 50cc and 110cc, meanwhile ATVs that fall between 110cc and 150cc engine capacity are of youth class. The all-terrain vehicles are designed for kids of 8 and older. However you should make a choice considerably and take into account the skills and preparation of your child to the extreme fuel powered drive.

If your kid is skilled enough and performs total control over a battery run ATV, then it is high time to let you child experience extreme off road drive. Modern ATV market performs high quality entry level vehicles as Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha and many others. These are the leading manufacturers of extreme driving techniques performing legendary quality and engineering. Among the most popular models you can find Yamaha Raptor 125 (in which 125cc stands for engine capacity of the vehicle) which features fully adjustable suspension, 5 speed manual transmission and electric start. A 125cc engine will provide rather powerful drive and terrain control. It is a mini size sport quad being a step up of commonly presented on the market youth quads.

Another model to pay attention to is Kawasaki KFX 90 Youth ATV which features 90cc engine. Though being smaller in engine capacity this vehicle features variable automatic transmission and four stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine. This ATV is considered the best balanced for kids as performs extreme safety featuring key starting (a kid won’t be able to start a vehicle without a key), screws limiting the throttle and transmission speeds shifting (enabling you to limit the maximum speed an ATV will develop). This is a perfect fuel powered ATV to enter the world of real driving.

What are the main differences?


The fuel powered ATV is much more exciting type of driving for children than battery powered vehicles can perform. Fuel vehicles are equipped with powerful enough engines to perform an unforgettable drive. Manual or automatic transmissions will help a kid or an adolescent to better control the vehicle during the riding. Fuel quads ride last longer while battery run ATVs run till the charge ends (commonly an hour or so) and then need long lasting (up to 10 hours) battery recharging.

The first time you kid or teenager will try ATV driving will shift his imagination over exciting drive. Along with new experience your kid will become a member of worldwide ATV fans community growing drastically each year.

The larger and more serious fuel powered ATVs for kids become the more safety features they get. Actually the power of an engine is not sufficiently enough to speed up an ATV for an extreme road or off-road crash but this does not, however, cancel the safety gears for ultimate comfort and security drive.

The modern ATVs are made of lightweight durable materials so in case of a collision the vehicle will not hurt or hard a kid and will not as well be harmed itself.

ATV for kids is a way to perceive a real adult world being a bridge between careless childhood and full of responsibility and credibility adult life. This is a perfect way to give your kid a healthy engaging hobby which will help your kid escape computer or TV addiction!

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