ATV Helmets for Kids

Four-wheelers for kids are not only a popular way to keep them busy with real sporting activities, but also a great outlet to let them develop their skills of riding, balancing and control. Though parents invest in such a vehicle for their children only after a lot of research and thinking, they often make a major security mistake by forgetting the helmets. Well, those who do that need not necessarily be careless parents, they might do it with the thought that they will be watching the children all the time. This is something they must do, along with purchasing a nice, shielding helmet. 

Kids Four-wheeler HelmetFour-Wheeler Helmets for Kids: Why is it a Must?

Well, there should be no doubts that any kind of rides that are operated with handles requires the riders to put safety helmets on.  When it is a children’s ride, it becomes a necessity. Parents might question why it would be so, since most ATVs, four-wheelers or dirt bikes for kids are off-road ones and the rides also claim to offer extreme safety options. All that is understandable, but still, they are children, and most of them get such rides as their very first riding toys. No matter how careful the parents and children are, or how safe the ride is, anything can go wrong, anytime! So it is always better to take precautions than fall into something regrettable. Hence the necessity and it is not much of an expense to include a helmet with a ride bought for the child.

What Kinds of ATV Helmets are Available for Kids?

Four-wheeler helmet for kidsThere are hundreds of varieties available for children’s four-wheeler helmets. They also vary according to different age groups and types of vehicles. For example, there are specific helmets for toddlers, children above 5 years of age, or for the ones ready to ride their fuel-powered ATVs and dirt bikes! Often these helmets come in pairs with matching gloves for a total biker’s look. The boys and girls can have their particular picks in colors, accents and patterns from a vast choice available in both online and retail stores. A toddlers’ helmet is generally priced within the range of $15-$25, and complete sets with complementing knee and elbow pads can add up to $10 or more. For the four-wheeler rides, the helmets are even more sophisticated, considering the nature of the ride, and are a bit pricey too, ranging from $20 to $50, and the gloves and gears can be available in bundle offers.

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The Most Popular Children’s Helmet for Four-Wheel Rides

Kid riding four ATV in helmetFor toddlers looking for helmets to ride their little quads, one of the popular brands is Bell, featuring a variety of helmets with numerous colors and designs for both boys and girls. The prices for their helmets start from $20. Among the other popular brands which make helmets for toddlers and riders above 5 years of age are Razor, Disney, Schwin, and their helmets can also be available with other safety gears. For more advanced riders aging from 8 to 12, the best helmets out there would be from Typhoon, a brand which offers sets of cool helmets and gloves. The famous ATV maker brand Razor also has their premium ATV helmet collection starting from $45 so. Parents who have already bought such helmets can also suggest some brands which offer good performance. No matter what, a helmet is a must for children driving four-wheelers and it will make the little adventurers look cool too!

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