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5 Benefits of Electric Go-Karts

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What is an Electric Go-Kart?

An electric go-kart is a vehicle powered by one or two electric motors and batteries. Many manufacturers offer this popular product.

Benefits of Electric Go-Karts

1. Better Acceleration:

An electrically powered cart has quicker acceleration. That’s because the torque is higher in an electric motor than a gas-fuelled engine and certainly miles faster than a pedal-powered vehicle. The result is a better racing vehicle and more fun for kids driving this toy.

2. Environmentally Friendly:

Electric motors are smoke and exhaust-free. This means they do not pollute like gas-powered vehicle engines. It is better for the environment and also healthier for people with allergies, respiratory problems, and smoke/exhaust sensitivities. Further, because they do not pollute, electric-powered vehicles can be run on indoor tracks making them a year-round recreational toy. Emissions from fuel-powered engines are carcinogenic so they pose an environmental and a human health risk as well.

3. Economy

Most electric engines — once charged — can run for at least twenty minutes on the track before requiring recharging. Gas-powered vehicles run on costly fuel. Recharging takes only half an hour. It is also possible to switch batteries quickly and easily so you can continue to use the kart while the other battery is charging. Comparatively maintenance costs are quite low.

4. Safety

Electric powered engines run cool. This means there is a lot less danger of heat burns or fires in this engine than in a gas-powered vehicle. Gas-powered karts have been known to spark gas tanks or explode on impact causing serious fires. In addition, no type of building ventilation is required to run electric-powered vehicles indoors.

With electric-powered vehicles, there is no need to have fuel stored on the premises. This is a definite safety factor as exploding storage tanks can cause loss of life and level a business establishment in mere minutes.

In electric-powered karts, all mechanical components are completely covered. In fuel-powered vehicles (ATV or go-kart), the drivers can burn their arms on the motor side. Scarves can get caught in the transmission gears. Accidents or fires often occur during refueling because fumes can come into contact with the very hot tank.

Because they are lighter, it is easier for a gas-powered kart to flip on the track.

5. Easy to Control

In an electric go-kart for kids, the mechanism used to release and raise the body, the transmission, batteries, motor, and controller are all easy to get at. The electric-powered vehicle is thus easier to control.

Disadvantages of Electric Powered Engines


The batteries that power electric go-karts are not as cheap as pedal go-karts.


Batteries power karts for thirty minutes and then must be recharged. This takes time off the track and therefore loss of revenue. If batteries are switched during a recharge there is a time-lapse.


Someone must be available to charge batteries. If batteries are switched someone has to be available to make the switches. This is both a cost and an inconvenience.


Since electric engines generate a lot of heat, proper ventilation is crucial. Otherwise, the engine will burn out.


The advantages of an electric go-kart far outweigh the disadvantages. For more information on electric go-karts click here.

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